Finansal Teknolojiler(EN) Program Description

Financial Technology (Fintech) is an innovative Master's program designed with a fundamental objective to make financial services easier, better and faster. From another perspective, with the help of technology, it is to make financial services more user friendly and to provide consumers with access to financial services in new ways. Fintech was brought into the picture due to many factors and to go from the beginning it is the increasing mobile phones usage, the increasing internet accessibility everywhere, and as customers’ expectations in all sectors, customers’ expectations for technological solutions was met in the financial sector as well.  At the same time, banking systems starting with fast mobile systems had made mobile applications and Internet branches more commonly used. The Fintech sector, which carries out its operations in a much cheaper, faster and easier way, aims to change the business world from its very beginning. As the Fintech ecosystem in Turkey will continue to grow, it will increase its investments. With the growing Fintech ecosystem, concepts such as cloud-based contactless payments, location-based payments, wearable technologies and the Internet of objects will often take place in the future world. This will increase the importance of Fintech and the width of the ecosystem. In the near future, Turkey will become a regional financial technology Hub by using its geopolitical advantage.With the financial Technology (Fintech) Master's program, which is designed considering world examples, it aims to adapt to the era’s features.

 In the 20th century, technology-related innovations and developments continuously add an   innovation to our daily lives. The Internet has become a platform that has laid the foundations for different purposes, but today it has become a platform that can meet all humanity needs. Developed countries have experienced the benefits of technology earlier and have seen its disadvantages in parallel with its advantages. The use of technology in our country is far beyond many western countries. The problems encountered in this context and the search for solutions are quite large. Fintech (financial Technology) (English, Non-thesis) Master's program will allow those who have different disciplines to agree on a common field. The Fintech (Financial Technology) (English, Non-Thesis) which is executed under the Bahcesehir University, graduate school of social sciences will contribute to economics master’s program, Fintech program has been designed and will be executed to meet its objectives in that direction. The program was designed to add and to ensure meeting the needs for qualified labor force that can understand both disciplines. It is impossible to think of such integrated disciplines as two different disciplines.

The existence of this program is very important for the understanding of professionals who have graduated from different disciplines or are working in different domains, of the common areas of functioning of finance and technology.

Fintech master’s program, which is aimed at bringing together individuals who had completed their undergraduate education, they will be able to discuss matters related to technology and finance, debate and recommend solutions on the problems seen especially in application. At the end of the graduate program, each student is expected to prepare a thesis or research project on a specific topic.

Financial Technology Fintech (Financial technology) (English, Non-thesis) which will be carried out by Bahçeşehir University Graduate school of Social Sciences, is aimed at clarifying  the basic concepts of Finance and Technology and show that it has emerged from the lack of efficiency of classical applications in finance sector and ensure the competition advantage by creating software-based applications. Processes that take the customer to the center of the business more than ever before, especially in the context of information security, interactive and facilitated applications, to eliminate cost inefficiencies and to manage costs more efficiently. By classifying high-dimensional data that develops interfaces, applications, products and more specifically application platforms by taking into account market dynamics, principles of behavioral Finance and consumer psychology,  focusing on providing dynamic and innovative financial services using the results of the these data analysis. It is a new business area created by companies where software technology and analytical measurement methods are extensively used in service manufacturing processes.

Fintech's phenomenon includes applications that will lead to the restructuring of the financial sector in general and the banking sector in particular with the financial assets markets.

Bahçeşehir University aims to educate young leaders who are ready and equipped for professional life with this multi-faceted and interdisciplinary education understanding.

Students will also be able to conduct field studies abroad and in Turkey. They will be able to specialize in the fields they wish and they will be able to take part in projects abroad as well, using their theoretical education and means of the training programs.

Financial Technology (Fintech) Master's program is designed for amateur professionals interested in financial technology, as well as for those who want to specialize in Finance and technology.

In addition to obtaining theoretical knowledge from valuable academicians within the University, students will have the opportunity to learn the current matters and problems directly from the local and international professionals who are currently working in the finance and technology sectors, who will be brought together to meet the students.