Program Nameı: Göztepe Weekend MBA
Program Language/Type: English / Thesis - Non-Thesis
Program Coordinator: Dr. Tuğçe Aslan
Coordinator Asistant: Hüseyin Haydari
Phone: +90 216 579 86 11 - 12


This program strives to furnish the students with core knowledge and expertise needed to conduct domestic and international businesses, finance, human resources, accounting, marketing, production/operations management, strategic management and policy, and organizational behavior and management. The program educates qualified students from a variety of undergraduate programs for successful management careers at national and international levels.

The program combines experiential learning with theoretical approach in various functional areas of management. This is designed to allow qualified professionals with varied intellectual and academic backgrounds to acquire the mix of advanced skills necessary for dealing with the broadest problems at different levels of managerial responsibility. The fundamental goal of the program is to make a serious scientific and professional contribution to the education of next generation managers, who have a global vision in Turkey which is in a process of integration with the world that will be accelerated in the 21st century.