MBA - İŞLETME (YL) (İNG - TEZLİ) ve İŞLETME (YL) (İNG - TEZSİZ) ( GÖZTEPE) - Program Structure

İŞLETME (YL) (TEZLİ) ve İŞLETME (YL) (TEZSİZ) (MBA İNGİLİZCE / GÖZTEPE) program consist total 10 courses and a project course. Given period time to student to write project is one semester. Göztepe MBA (Thesis) program consists on seminar, thesis. Each course is 3 credits. The Master's program with thesis must be completed within 4 semesters. Duration is 3 semesters for the programs with non-thesis and 6 semesters for the program with thesis.

Thesis registration must be done at the beginning of each semester and must be finished presented, and delivered to the Graduate School, at the end of that semester.

Each student have to choose his/her own academic lecturer to study together for project/thesis.

70% attendance is essential in the classes of master programs .

Our courses take place weekday evenings between the hours of 19:00 to 22:00 at Göztepe Campus.