BAU Diploma is Exclusive: Get Pluses in your career with BAU Plus

Bahçeşehir University (BAU) prepares its students for future before they graduate through the innovations it introduced to Turkish sense of education. BAU students study in abroad campuses, undergoes trainings with CO-OP Education Model to determine their futures, participate in profession trainings, take part in most important social responsibility. Moreover  BAU students start business life one step ahead since they can take master’s degree courses when they are on 4th (final) year in the university. Students utilize from all these facilities via BAU Plus system and they swiftly proceed in their career thanks to special BAU Plus CV prepared by university. 

Students study in BAU’s abroad campuses, utilize from professional programs, participate in internship and social development programs, all these activities are registered in their CV’s provided for them together with their diplomas and students start business life one step ahead of their rivals. 



Having 4 universities, 2 languages schools and 5 campuses spread on 3 continents, 7 countries, BAU Global offers its students real international experience for its students and students gets pluses in their CV’s thanks to BAU Plus. 

BAU is an university located at the heart of İstanbul, offers its students an opportunity to become “world citizen” thanks to international education facilities. Students of BAU may study in campuses to get international experience in Silicon Valley technology base of United States of America; Washington D.C., the capital; Toronto, the biggest city of Canada; Berlin, Capital of Germany; Rome, architecture and  art center of İtaly; Hong-Kong, new commercial center of the world and in Batum. 

CO-OP - “My Campus My Office”

CO-OP Education Model first applied by Bahçeşehir University in Turkey, provides students with a real business experience even when they are still university students. Students who successfully fulfill Branded Courses opened by companies who provide internship opportunity or cooperate with the university with regard to their own field, product, service and applications get another plus in their BAU Plus CVs. The most authentic and innovative concept of CO-OP Education Model is “Branded Models”. Courses opened in Bahçeşehir University by companies in their own field, product and services in order to raise qualified labor force is called Branded Courses. Companies determine the content of the courses in accordance with the needs of sector and representative from the related sector lectors in the courses. Students who select branded courses get the opportunity to be personally lectured by the representatives from sector. Successful students receive a certificate which bears the signature of related company. BAU unites education and business life via CO-OP model and so far  approximately 3 thousand students get to know CO-OP experience.

Some of Branded Courses are as follows;
1. Mercedes Benz “Materials and Distribution Management” 
2. IBM “Business Solutions Using e-business Technologies”
3. Microsoft “Developing Web Applications Using Microsoft Silverlight”
4. Alametifarika “Future Brand Management”
5. Dolby Digital “Sound Technology Innovation”
6. FOX TV “Media Strategy & Implementation”
7. CRM Akademi “Customer Relationship Management with Microsoft Dynamics”
8. Samsung “Developing Applications for Android Devices”
9. Turkcell “Investor Relations Strategies & Implementation”
10. Turkcell “Investor Relations Strategies & Implementation”


In addition to their academic training, thanks to Bahçeşehir University Continuing Education Center (BAUSEM) which provides several professional training in areas which students want to develop themselves students of Bahçeşehir University is always one step ahead from their rivals. Students get another plus in their BAU Plus CV when they graduate from university thanks to the trainings in which professionals and practitioners from different sectors participate.  BAUSEM BAU Students get Viral Marketing for Start-ups, Blogger School, Digital Media Planning and Purchase, Script Writing School, Picture and Sound Analysis in Cinema and Television, Family Consultancy, Business Law and Social Security, TOEFL IBT Examination Preparation Class, IELTS Examination Preparation Class, Customer Services Administration, Human Resources Management Certificate Program, Acting, Sports Law and several courses to get one step closer to the profession they want to specialize in. 

Social Development

Continuing its education life with the motto of a world university at the heart of Istanbul, Bahçeşehir University enriches the social lives of its students thanks to activities, educations, seminars, social responsibility projects of student club within its body and art activities organized each year. Students who participate in these studies organized within the body of BAU gains important experiences both in their educational and social life. 

Master’s Degree

Students of BAU which has a an international education network may study for master degree either in İstanbul or in centers of BAU Global abroad. BAU students may start their master’s degree studies at fourth grade provided that they meet credit requirements. With this important plus students advance in their careers. 


BAU PLUS CV indicates students improvements and achievements from their first day in the university until their graduation. This certificate proves the readiness of students for their career in accordance with their education, business experience, seminars and social projects.

BAU First Plus

BAU First Plus
enables member students participate in courses they are interested in, utilize library opportunities, get informed of and participate in the activities, raise their questions with regard to the university and departments and get pluses with BAU First Class Academy which will be held in summer time. 

BAU First Academy

This program which will be held in summer addresses final year students.

Students get the chance to study university courses in high school and experience campus life, they will get several courses from art to economy, science to language education and will be awarded a certificate in the end of the program.


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