Development Center for Vocational Technical Education (METGEM) - Click here for the website

Bahçeşehir University has established the Development Center for Vocational Technical Education (METGEM), a unique institution in Turkey.

Our vision is to become a pioneering and guiding agency by keeping up to date with all the developments and transformations in labor markets in order to integrate national and international networks; and to support the development of contemporary vocational technical education.

Our mission is to share all acquired information, experience, and solution models, gained from national and international research regarding Vocational Technical Education, with the public.

The outcome will be a new model for Vocational and Technical Education which will produce highly qualified individuals for the needs and expectations of the labor market.

For this purpose, collaborating with all sectors to:

  • Augment sector's effectiveness
  • Increase competitiveness
  • Encourage R&D work
  • Spread innovation
  • Provide employment during the training period
  • Encourage entrepreneurship skills
  • Conduct surveys about the sector to determine current and future labor needs
  • Increase the value and prestige of Vocational Education.
The tasks of the center are as follows:
  • Keep up with new developments and innovations worldwide,
  • Develop new and easily applicable methods; organize national and international projects for a highly qualified work force,
  • SMEs and sectors: discuss main problems, find solutions with the help of the consultation committee,
  • Cooperate with vocational training foundations, institutions, etc. to encourage, motivate and train technical staff.
  • Analyze statistics regarding vocational education in Turkey; find the gaps in VET; and bring together stakeholders of demand and supply.

As an organizational structure, METGEM has a consultation committee which meets regularly every month and brings together all the stakeholders so that collaboration between education and industry can be established. More importantly, well devised policies are developed.

Concordantly, METGEM generates effective vocational guidance services applying Lifelong Learning strategies. This Center has been designed to become a counseling and research laboratory for the business world.

We strongly believe that we will be the locomotive for Vocational Technical Education in Turkey in the near future.