Cinema and Media Research - Program Description



Program Name: Cinema and Media Research (Ph.D.)

Program Coordinator: Doç. Dr. Nilay Ulusoy

Assistant Coordinator: Büşra Çelik


Tel: 0 212 381 01 75



The Ph.D. program aims to strengthen academic research in the fields of cinema, media and culture studies through scientific research methods.

Since the cinema, media and culture studies are new in terms of academic disciplines, they are, in essence, based on the knowledge, highly-disciplined and comparative academic research in various disciplines. Ph. D. in Cinema and Media Research aims to offer a framework based on social sciences and humanities for the candidates who are willing to specialize in the fields of cinema, media and culture at national and international levels and lead the way for the increase in similar departments across the country.

This program aims to combine the studies of Ph. D. candidates with its academic staff of leading academicians. The teaching language of the Cinema and Media Research Ph. D. Program is English. It also aims to support international research and studies and contribute to disciplinary knowledge in the international arena.