Eligibility & Application Requirements

Which BAU students will be able to study in One-Term programs at BAU Berlin Campus?

Students that satisfy certain requirements of relevant departments and faculties will be able to apply for one semester of study at the Berlin Campus.  The students should ideally have a grade point average of 2.00 or above and not have failed any courses from the previous years.


Academic Calendar for the 2013-2014 Academic Year Fall Semester at BAU Berlin Campus:

The period of study takes place between September 16 and December 20, 2013 at the Berlin Campus. Final exams take place in the first half of January. The students will travel back to Istanbul by January 19, 2014.


Announcement of & Registration for the Academic Programs at BAU Berlin Campus

  • The Faculties always announce their programs for BAU Berlin Campus directly to their students, and they pre-register students who want to study at the Berlin Campus during the next term. 
  • Students who pre-register at their own faculty will complete their registration by making the required payment for accommodation and transportation expenses in Berlin until the deadline announced by the faculties and the BAU Abroad office. They should complete the payment early, so that they can apply for visa in time, with support of the university. Without support of the university, they cannot successfully apply for the necessary student visa.
  • Except in case of health problems, students who decide to discontinue their studies in Berlin will not be able to continue their studies in Istanbul during the same semester. Therefore, they will be  responsible for the resulting extension of their overall period of study by one semester. 


For further information, please contact your faculty and/or the BAU Abroad office at Istanbul Campus.

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