1. Fill in the BAU General Application Form here.

2. Upload your documents:

(1) Passport

(2) Full transcript

(3) Diploma (or letter from school saying you are in your final year)

(4) Statement of Purpose essay (optional for Medical School applicants since they are filling in the BAU Medicine Application Form)

(5) If any: international test scores or recommendation letters

3. Fill the BAU Medicine Application Form here.


Who gets selected?

We get about 1,500 applications per year for about 70 spots. (According to YÖK regulations (click here), only 7 of these spots can be taken by students of Turkish descent. Once the 7 student quota is filled, the deposit of the 8th student will be refunded and the admission decision will be withdrawn. Those who are naturalized Turkish citizens are not included in this limited quota.)

This large pool of applicants in addition to our intensive, year-based curriculum means that we try to select students who will be successful and happy here. We have found that students with a high level of English and excellent science grades from high school as well as a deep interest in medical science thrive at the BAU School of Medicine. Therefore, the admissions committee evaluates applications based on the following:


What do we look for in applicants?

  • A sound academic background  and study ethic

-As seen from the grades in your full high school transcript covering all years up to point of application

-International tests like the SAT or ACT (if possible)

-Recommendation letters from your high school teachers (if possible)

  • Readiness for our high-level basic medical science courses

-As proven by good high school grades in science; biology in particular.

-A Levels, advanced level courses or SAT Biology tests (if possible)

  • A passion for and experience in scientific work

-As shown by your participation in science related projects, competitions, etc. (if any)

-As you will explain in your essay

  • Commitment to the field of medicine

-Time spent at a hospital such as an observership or volunteer work (if possible)

  • Ability to follow complicated concepts in medicine in English

- High level academic English skills, unless your high school courses were taught in English. (TOEFL or PTE scores if possible) (Note: IELTS helps for admission but is not officially recognized to skip English Prep year)

  • A clear idea about why the BAU School of Medicine is the right place for you and what you can contribute to our community.

-Read up on our website and mention what impressed / attracted you to our school in your essay

We do not require you to take any tests, but you need to show the admission committee that you have the foundational knowledge, study skills and passion for science to succeed within our system. The recommendations above and your account of them will make you a stronger candidate. When applying, you will need to show these in the documentation you submit and the essay you will write.

Feel free to write your questions to Ms. Bilikmen (Medical School International Relations) and carefully read the information on “Why BAU School of Medicine?”

Application deadline

Applications are evaluated on a rolling basis; therefore, students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible before the seats fill.

If you have medical school credits you wish to transfer, do not apply as a new student but as a transfer student.


If you are a medical school student interested in transferring in Fall 2020, have a look at the information here and here from the previous transfer application period and contact Ms. Bilikmen in May 2020. If you have medical school credits you wish to transfer, do not apply as a new student but as a transfer student.


The Medical School tuition is 25,000 USD per academic year. We do not offer scholarships for incoming international students. Partial scholarships may be available for the top two students in the class as shown by their committee exams after the first year at the BAU SoM.

Curriculum and course structure

For more information about the curriculum and course structure, click here.

For questions related to applying or the medical school, or to contact our current medical school students please email:

meltem.bilikmen (at)