SDG16-1 Evidence 1

Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences

*Prof. Yavuz Günalay has been serving as a member for TOBB Telecommunication Council (National NGO), since January 2017.

*Dr. Gülberk Gültekin Salman has prepared a technical report for a Local Municipality’s recreation center investment.  (Başakşehir Municipality Tennis courts project, feasibility report, 24.09.2017)

*The Academy of Local Governments, which is the longest-running program in its field, has been bringing local governors from all areas of local governance together with the participants to answer their questions. With the help of this programme mutual understanding and new project opportunities were created in local administrations

*The Last Programme was organized on  October 6th – November 10th 2018.

*Several experienced former or current local governors and politicians are attending these seminars, making presentations and listeners who are involved in these issues or working in municipalities are attending these seminars and certificate programmes.

As the International Leadership Application and Research Center (ULMER) in line with our university's sustainable development goals, we are trying to contribute with our open to the public or invitees special programs. Within the scope of these activities, a vision is set for the future of the relationship between the participants, the leaders and the University.

*The Global Leadership Forum, traditionally held annually for many years, lasts for a weekend and welcomes around 40 speakers every year. The panel presenters are chosen from experts or diplomats. There are minimum 3 speakers and 1 moderator on each panel. The speakers make their presentations and present their arguments and interactively answer questions from the participants with the help of the moderator.

*The Global Leadership Forum, tries to contribute to the leaders of the future, and gives politicians, academics, diplomats and experts the chance to come together and share their ideas with the othe participants The outputs of this program are  published regularly.

*The upcoming Event will be on April 27 – 28 , 2019.

  • Mine Durmaz: The factors that determine the labor force participation of women in Turkey 1st Workshop, 8-9 February 2018, ABANT                                   
  • Mine Durmaz and Gökçe Uysal: The factors that determine the labor force participation of women in Turkey, Ministry of Family and Social Policies, 12 January 2018 Ankara
  • Gökçe Uysal: The factors that determine the labor force participation of women in Turkey 3st Workshop, 18- 19 September 2018, Ministry of Family and Social Policies
  • Presentation: Seyfettin Gürsel and Ozan Bakış: "Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's Contribution to Izmir Economy Between 2004 and 2016” sharing project results with municipal bureaucrats and Economic Development Coordination Board, 22 February 2018, İzmir
  • Metehan Irak: Conscious use of technology and game addiction. (speech), January 2019.
  • Dr. Gülberk Gültekin Salman - She was assigned to attend the International Tennis Federation (ITF) meeting as a Member of the Women's Committee. (18-19 October 2019).
  • Dr. Gülberk Gültekin Salman - Administrative Assignment-International Tennis Federation Meeting. 5-8 March 2019
  • *Assoc. Prof. Ozan Bakış - TUBITAK PANEL 1001 - Evaluation of Project Proposals Panel. (24 December 2018)
  • *Prof.Dr. Nilüfer Narlı – Attended a conference at USA - TCA’s 1 Annual Turkish American Women Leadership Forum’ -  “Understanding Gender Chalenges in turkey and Cultural Code. (presented a paper), 11-18 March 2019.

PROJECT REPORT: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality’s Contribution to Izmir economy- November 2017

PRESENTATION: “Ne İşte Ne Eğitimde Gençler” CHP, 17 Kasım 2018

PROJECT REPORT: Türkiye’de Kadınların İşgücü Piyasasına Katılma Kararını Belirleyen Etmenler-  Gökçe Uysal- Mine Durmaz. Aile ve Sosyal Politikalar Bakanlığı projesi

CONSULTANCY: Kalkınma Bakanlığı yıllık programlar ve Konjonktür Değerlendirme Genel Müdürlüğü modelleme danışmanlığı Ozan Bakış

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