BESL: BAU Prep Students Live English & Learn it in an Active Manner!

“To live English and learn it in an active manner, hence optimizing the quality of learning while shortening its length.”

This slogan has carried our initiatives in order to be a brand name in ESL education at international standards.  BESL (Bahçeşehir English as a Second Language) which was founded within the framework of the Study Abroad Program by the Bahçeşehir University English Preparatory Program aims at giving students an opportunity to complete the English Preparatory Program in one of the Bahçeşehir University English Prep School Centers abroad.

All individuals from their birth are instilled with characteristics unique to themselves.  Culture, language and learning styles are such examples.  Our objective for those who start their education at Bahçeşehir University is to ensure that they discover themselves, find out who they really are, observe our globalised world through a unique perspective and reach a maturity level where they can handle their concerns and problems. The BESL Program acts as a catalyst for this process, ensuring that students can stand on their feet. This will not only boost our students’ confidence, but it will also give us the pleasure of seeing their development potential.

Our unique educational program abroad gives students an opportunity to learn English in a much shorter period by exposing them to an English-only environment.  Our students can choose to study in one of our BESL centers called “Mentora Colleges” either in Washington DC or in Toronto.

Photo Gallery of Mentora College, Toronto


Photo Gallery of Mentora College, Washington DC.