Dormitory (UniHall)

UniHall Students’ Dormitory, located within Bahçeşehir University’s Kemerburgaz Campus, encompasses an area of 4000m2 indoor space. The UniHall Students’ Dormitory, which will be accommodating exclusively (English) Prep School students at first, consists of 12 blocks and has been designed to accommodate 400 students. There are single rooms as well as rooms for 3 and 4 students, each one equipped with beds, closets, desks, chairs, armchairs, bookshelves and a refrigerator. Moreover, there is a kitchen and a laundry in the common use areas in each block and these areas are cleaned every day by a skilled cleaning service staff.  Internet access is provided free of charge to all the students staying in the dormitories, where security service (with or without cameras) is also provided 7/24.


For further details

Phone: (0212) 381 96 01 – 02

            (0212) 381 52 16