Technology Enhanced Learning

Technology Enhanced Learning Unit (TELU)

TELU oversees and manages blended learning through the integration of both synchronous and asynchronous applications at BAU School of Foreign Languages, and more specifically:

●       promotes the use of technology in language teaching/learning,

●       creates and exploits a virtual learning environment for synchronous and asynchronous classes to supplement face-to-face and autonomous learning,

●       supports and trains instructors to integrate technology into their classroom practices

●       enhances learning and teaching with the use of Web 2.0 tools such as Quizlet, Educaplay, Powtoon through the institutional learning management system (LMS), itslearning,

●       creates and shares content using the LMS  to supplement the curricula in A1, A2, B1, and B2 levels,

●       functions as the first point of contact for issues related to itslearning and other platforms (including training for staff and students),

●       cooperates and collaborates with Bahcesehir University Office of Distance Education (BUZEB) to receive technical support and expertise.

TELU exploits the institutional learning management system, itslearning

●       to create and manage courses for each face-to face class,

●       to share self-study materials and practice tests as well as documents and other Web 2.0 tools, and

●       to foster communication between instructors and students, and

●       to arrange and manage Online Certificate Programmes for BAU TÜRKMER.

TELU also organizes and manages

●       Synchronized Online Sessions (SOS) including all live virtual classroom experience blended with face-to-face classes to meet the language learning needs of the students in the form of:

➔      SOS Tutorials,

➔      SOS Speaking Clubs, and

➔      SOS Writing Workshops to supplement face-to-face education

TELU administers and manages all the SOS Tutorials and workshops through Adobe Connect

●       to have  real-time and video communication,

●       to communicate interactively through online text chat,

●       to share documents

●       to use a shared whiteboard in our virtual class environment.

TELU and BUZEB provides technical support for all the courses arranged and run.

The online platforms and digital tools used at BAU PREP





itslearning |

  •        the institutional learning management system provided to BAU students
  •        device-friendly web design & a mobile app with basic functions
  •        easy communication with other itslearning users including instructors and classmates
  •        quick file sharing with everyone on the platform
  •        instant and up-to-date info about all courses
  •        a variety of self-study materials, videos, presentations and tests
  •        quick access to  EnglishCentral and MyEnglishLab
  •        appointments for the SOS Speaking Club activities
  •        interactive materials and activities used for SOS Tutorials


          Please click for the link to itslearning login documents

MyEnglishLab | Accessible through itslearning |

  •        digital workbook of our course books, New Language Leader series
  •        available on all devices
  •        interactive exercises matching our course objectives,
  •        a range of question types including writing essays, listening to audio and recording their own voices online,
  •        instant feedback on each task, helping to build confidence and improve on their mistakes
  •        a detailed gradebook
  •        providing Common Error Report (for instructors)
  •        e-book version of New Language Leaders series (for instructors to use in their classes)
  • EnglishCentral |

    •        a platform supporting BAU Prep students’ language learning with authentic web videos
    •        available on all devices & a mobile app with full functionality
    •        Free EnglishCentral accounts only available through BAU email addresses & Premium access available to Access Code buyers
    •        adaptive vocabulary learning system matching BAU Prep vocabulary lists
    •        speech recognition system to practice speaking
    •        opportunities to have one-on-one live sessions with EnglishCentral tutors
    •        additional videos for grammar and pronunciation practice
    •        7/24 technical support through

    How to register English Central:  Turkish / English 

Adobe Connect |

  •        the institutional web conferencing tool to hold online classes
  •        available on all devices & a mobile app with some functions
  •        available to all BAU students through BAU email addresses
  •        a platform used for SOS classes at BAU Prep School,

easy and quick access SOS classes with a single link (

 The online platforms & digital tools 


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