Mentora English - Student & Workbook


Mentora English attaches importance to communication and collaboration to develop skills such as critical thinking and problem solving skills required by the 21st century.



Mentora English has a skills-based approach that provides learners with the knowledge of English they need to succeed in their studies. The course establishes a nexus between students’ particular needs and the language skills required in an academic context. An exclusive feature of Mentora English is its explicit focus on strategy training. With various types of activities, this book boosts learners’ receptive and productive skills, helping them achieve their language goals more quickly.


With each chapter comprising interesting and engaging topics, Mentora English is a perfect choice for adults and young adults studying in an academic environment. Mentora English provides students with the opportunity to express themselves in a variety of situations.


Tackling a range of topics that engage the students and personalise learning, Mentora English is a perfect choice for adults and young adults studying in an academic environment. The topics included in the book derive from real-life situations, as well as academic and up-to-date issues, and have been chosen to promote class discussion.  Together they will equip learners with a range of ways to express themselves in English. Ranging from social media posts to travel blogs, the materials  also help to bring the learning process into a contemporary context.


The Mentora English coursebook is accompanied by a Mentora English workbook, which supports learners in becoming efficient and autonomous in their studies. Its content reflects that of the coursebook and is presented at a level that will both motivate and challenge students, while at the same time helping to solidifyand practice the skills and strategies developed by the coursebook.