Vocational School of Health Services

Aim of the vocational school of health services is; developing qualified workforce in our health programs for the need of sector.

Programs and course content; Programs and course content has been formed in line with the needs analysis of the job market conducted by BAU METGEM. The academic staff is composed of valuable academicians as well as prominent administrators of the health sector and distinguished practitioners who are experts in their fields and who work within the sector.

Applied work: Our university places emphasis on both theoretical courses as well as application. Our students get the practice apart from the theoric courses from the related departments of Göztepe Medical Park Hospitals. In addition to this, upon students’ demands, they are provided with the opportunity to complete their obligatory training at any one of the Medical Park Hospitals in İstanbul.

The applications of BAU Medical Vocational School that differ from the Other Universities: Unlike the other universities, students who have graduated from the Medical Vocational School have the opportunity to make observations of the processes of patient treatment in the related departments of Göztepe Medical Park Hospitals that are equipped with the modern technology and thus can spend a great deal of time in the hospital environment.  Students can make their observations in the application hours of the theoretical courses that they take in the department in which they are enrolled. As well as a diploma from Bahcesehir University, students have the chance of starting one step ahead with the education and certificates they  have which are accepted in the health sector.

Foreign Language Education: Instruction of the vocational school of health services is Turkish. However with their own free will our students can start with English preparatory school and while their education they will be supported with English language

Collaboration with Abroad Universities: Our students can complete their preparatory education in our Istanbul Prep School campus or they can completed in our abroad campuses. Our university set up a program called BESL (Bahcesehir Abroad English) for our students to have the opportunity to learn English at our centers abroad by living it.

Vertical Transfer Opportunities: With the results of Vertical Transfer Exam, students who are graduated from Bahcesehir University Vocational School of Health Services are provided great scholarship opportunities in the case of choosing Bahcesehir University undergraduate programs.  Also Vertical Exam Transfer Exam courses are provided to our students (free of charge) in the weekdays and weekends.


  • Medical Imaging Techniques
  • Medical Documentation and Secreteriat
  • Medical Laboratory Techniques
  • Dailysis
  • Anesthesia
  • Child  Development
  • Oudiometry
  • First Aid and Emergency
  • Operating Room Services
  • Radiotheraphy