English Preparatory Program (BAU PREP)

Since Bahçeşehir University is an English medium educational institution, all undergraduate students are required to complete the English Preparatory Program successfully. Participation in the English Preparatory Program is optional for students who intend to study in Turkish Programs at the Vocational School and compulsory for the students who are registered to study in English Programs.

All students (including those who will be studying in the US & Canada as well as the students who will be studying in İstanbul) are required to take the English Placement Exam that will be given during the registration period. Students who achieve a net score of 30 out of 60 in this exam and whose writing grades correspond to at least B1 (intermediate) level will be eligible to take the English Proficiency Examination, while those who score less than the above mentioned rates and fail, will be placed in an appropriate level in the English Preparatory Program, according to the results of their English Placement Exam.  

In order to be exempt from the English Preparatory Program, the minimum passing grade required is 60 (sixty) out of 100 (one hundred) for undergraduate students and Vocational School (MYO) students who would like to transfer to the 4-year undergraduate programs. For students of the Department of English Language Teaching the minimum passing grade required is 80 (eighty) out of  100 (one hundred). 

Also, students who have received a satisfactory score from an international exam that is recognized by Bahçeşehir University as being equivalent to the Bahçeşehir University English Proficiency Examination are exempt from the English Preparatory Program.


For Undergraduate Students and Vocational School (MYO) Students who would like vertical transfer to the 4-year undergraduate programs:  

Pearson PTE Akademik 55

For students of the Department of American Culture and Literature & Department of English Language Teaching:

Pearson PTE Akademik 78

 The results of the TOEFL, PTE, CAE and YDS / e-YDS / YÖKDİL examinations have to be submitted to the university pior to the beginning of the academic year. Students who successfully pass these exams at some time during the academic year can only start studying in their departments in the following semester.