Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences - Publications

Theoretical Study on Depolarization of the Light Transmitted Through a Non-Uniform Liquid Crystall Cell  (SCI)

(By: Ömer Polat) Optik- International Journal of Light and Electron Optics Vol:127  Issue:7  Pages:3560-3563 , April 2016


Inclusion of Noise in Environmental Assessment of Road Transportation (SCI)

(By: Aybike Öngel) Environmental Modeling and Assessment Vol:21  Issue:2  Pages:181-192 , April 2016


Real-Time FFT Computation Using GPGPU for OFDM- Based Systems  (SCIE)

(By: Taşkın Koçak, Omer Çetin, Selçuk Keskin) Circuits Systems And Signal Processing Vol:35  Issue:5  Pages:1021-1044 , March 2016


Structural analysis of Fe3+ centers in Tl2MgF4 and Tl2ZnF4 fluorine compounds (SCIE)

(By: Muhammed Açıkgöz) Journal Of Physıcs And Chemıstry Of Solıds Vol:90  Issue:-  Pages:54-58 , March 2016


On Gosper’s q-Trigonometric Function (SCIE)
(By: Mahmoud Jafari Shah Belaghi, Nuri Kuruoğlu) Journal of Computational Analysis and Applications Vol: 20  Issue:2   Pages:381-387    Feb 2016


Assessing the Effects of Noise Abatement Measures on Health Risks: A Case Study in İstanbul (SSCI)
(By: Aybike Öngel, Fatih Sezgin) Environmental Impact Assessment Rewiev Vol: 56 Issue:-  Pages:180-187    Jan 2016


Operator User Management System Based on the TMF615 Standard (SCIE)
(By: Taşkın Koçak, Melike Yiğit, Muhammed Macit, V.Çağrı Güngör, Oğuz Özhan) Journal of Network and Systems Management Vol:24  Issue:1  Pages:161-188   Jan 2016



Local Structure Distortion Models for Cr3+ Centers in TI2MgF4 and TI2ZnF4 Fluorine Compounds (SCI)
(By: Muhammed Açıkgöz) Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids Vol:88 Issue:-  Pages:109-115  Jan 2016


Analysis of ZFS parameters and local structure in Cr3+ ion doped into A(2)CdF(4) (A = Cs, K) fluorine compounds (SCIE)

(By: Muhammed Açıkgöz) Chemical Physics  Vol:467  Issue:-  Pages:38-43 ,  2016



An Emboli Detection System Based on Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform and Ensemble Learning (SCIE)
(By: Betül Erdoğdu Şakar, Görkem Serbes, Nizamettin Aydın, Halil Özcan Gülçür)

Applied Soft Computing Vol:37  Issue:-   Pages:87-94  Dec 2015




Magnetostructural Relationships for Ni(II) Ions at Octahedral Sites in [NixZn1-x(C2O4)(dmiz)(2)]: Computational Study of Zero-Field Splitting and Using Superposition Model (SCI)
(By: Muhammed Açıkgöz, Pawel Gnutek, Czeslaw Rudowicz) Polyhedron Vol:100 Issue:-  Pages:282-289 Nov 2015


Effects of MnO doping on the Electronic Properties of Zinc Oxide: 406 GHz Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Newman Superposition Model Analysis (SCIE)
(By: Muhammed Açıkgöz, Berat Yüksel Price, Gökhan Hardal, Sergej Repp, Emre Erdem) Journal of Applied Physics Vol:118 Issue:17  Pages:175705 Nov 2015


Performance Comparison of Data Reduction Techniques for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network Applications (SCIE)
(By: Pınar Sarısaray, Kemal Akkaya) International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks Vol: 873495  Pages: 160  Oct 2015


Data Analysis and Intelligent Optimization with Applications (SCI)
(By: Süreyya Akyüz, Vadim Strijov, Richard Weber, G.Wilhelm weber) Machine Learning Vol:101  Pages: 1-4  Oct 2015


Pruning of Error Correcting Output Codes by Optimization of Accuracy- Diversity Trade off (SCI)
(By: Süreyya Akyüz, Terry Windeatt, Raynold Smith) Machine Learning Vol:101  Pages: 253-269  Oct 2015


Mathematical Programming-Based Sales and Operations Planning at Vestel Electronics (SCI)
(By: Semra Ağralı, Z.Caner Taşkın, A. Tamer Ünal, Vahdet Belada, Filiz Gökten Yılmaz) Interfaces Vol:45 Issue: 4  Pages: 325-340  Oct 2015



Preparation, Structural and Micromechanical Properties of (Al/Mg) Co-Doped ZnO Nanoparticles by Sol-gel Process (SCI)
(By: Lütfi Arda, E.Asikuzun, O.Oztürk, D. Akcan, S.D. Şenol, c. Terzioğlu) Journal of Materials Science- Materials in Electronics  Vol:26 Issue: 10  Pages: 8147-8159  Oct 2015


Cation Distribution Correlated with Magnetic Properties of Nanocrystalline Gadolinium Substituted Nickel Ferrite (SCI)
(By: Lütfi Arda, Zein K.Heiba, Mohamed Bakr Mohamed, N. Doğan) Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Vol:391  Pages: 195-202  Oct 2015


Combined Effects of Heterogeneity and Non-Linearity on the Critical Time Parameters of Orthotropic Conical Shells (SCIE)
(By: Nuri Kuruoğlu, A Sofiyev) COMPOSITE STRUCTURES Vol:130  Pages: 163-173  Oct 2015


Development of a High- Throughput Functional Screen Using Nanowell- Assisted Cell Patterning (SCI)

(By: Ayça Yalçın Özkumur, Brittany A. Goods,J. Christopher Love ) Small Vol: 11  Issue: 36 Pages: 4643-4650 Sept 2015


Automated Vessel Segmentation Using Infinite Perimeter Active Contour Model with Hybrid Region Information with Application to Retinal Images (SCI)
(By: Lavdie Rada, Yitian Zhao, Ke Chen, Simon P. Harding, Yalin Zheng) IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging Vol: 34  Issue: 9   Pages: 1797-1807 Sept 2015


BAUM-2: Multilingual Audio- Visual Affective Face Database (SCIE)
(By: Çiğdem Eroğlu Erdem, Çiğdem Turan, Zafer Aydın) Multimedia Tools and Applications Vol: 74 Issue: 18  Pages: 7429- 7459 Sept 2015


Analysis of Shared miRNAs of Different Species Using Ensemble CCA and Genetic Distance (SCI)
(By: Cemal Okan Şakar, Nazife Çelik, Olcay Kurşun) Computers ın Biology and Medicine Vol: 64  Pages: 261-267 Sept 2015


Structural and Magnetic Properties of Zn0.95Cr0.05O Annealed at Different Temperatures (SCIE)
(By: Lütfi Arda, Zein K.Heiba, Mohamed Bakr Mohamed) Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Vol: 389  Pages: 153-156 Sept 2015


A New Approach for Multivariate Data Modelling in Orthogonal Geometry (SCI)
(By: Mehmet Alper Tunga) International Journal of Computer Mathematics Vol: 92 Issue: 9 Pages: 2011-2021 Sept 2015


An Investigation on the Temperature Dependent Zero-Field Splitting (ZFS) of Mn2+ doped Cs2NaLaCI6 (SCIE)
(By: Muhammed Açıkgöz) Optical Materials  Vol: 47 Pages: 285-291 Sept 2015


Impact of Rejuvenators on Aging Properties of Bitumen (SCI)
(By: Aybike Öngel, Martin Hugener) Construction and Building Materials Vol: 94 Pages: 467-474 Sept 2015




Correlation of EMR and optical spectroscopy data for Cr3+ and Mn2+ ions doped into yttrium aluminum borate YAl3(BO3)4 crystal – Extracting low symmetry (SCIE)
(By: Muhammed Açıkgöz, Pawel Gnutek, Czeslaw Rudowicz) Optical Materials Vol: 46  Pages: 254-259  Aug 2015


Prediction of Bed Load Via Suspended Sediment Load Using Soft Computing Methods (SCIE)
(By: Ali Osman Pektaş, Emrah Doğan) Geofizika  Vol: 32 Issue: 1  Pages: 27-46  Aug 2015


Investigation of the Fe3+ Centers in Perovskite KMgF3 Through a Combination of Ab Initio (Density Functional Theory) and Semi- Empirical (Superposition Model) (SCIE)
(By: M.Açıkgöz, Y.Emül, D.Erbahar,) Journal of Applied Physics  Vol: 18 Issue: 6  Pages: 63903 Aug 2015


Correlation of EMR and Optical Spectroscopy Data For Cr3+ and Mn2+ Ions Doped Into Yttrium Aluminum Borate YAI3(BO3)4 Crystal- Extracting Low Symmetry Aspects (SCIE)
(By: M.Açıkgöz, Czeslaw Rudowicz, Pawel Gnutek,) Optical Materials  Vol: 46  Pages: 254-259 Aug 2015


Interferometric Reflectance Imaging Sensor (IRIS)-A Platform Technology for Multiplexed Diagnostics and Digital Detection  (SCI)

(By: Ayça Yalçın Özkumur, Oğuzhan Avcı, Neşe Lortlar Unlu, M.Selim Ünlü) Sensors Vol: 15  Issue:7  Pages: 17649- 17665  July 2015


Ummanned Aerial Vehicle Domain: Areas of Research (SCIE)
(By: Nafiz Arıca, Kadir Alpaslan Demir, Halil Cicibaş) Defence Science Journal Vol: 65  Issue:4  Pages: 319-329  July 2015


An Exact Solution Approach for the Order Batching Problem (SCIE)
(By: İbrahim Muter, Temel Öncan) IIE Transactions Vol: 47 Issue:7  Pages: 728-738  July 2015


A Comprehensive Local Structure Analysis of Cr3+ Centers in K2ZnF4 Crystals: A Semi- Empirical Approach (SCIE)
(By: Muhammed Açıkgöz) Chemical Physics Vol: 455  Pages: 48-56  July 2015


Investigation of the Cr3+ Centers in Rb2ZnF4, Rb2CdF4 and Rb2MgF4 Fluorine Compounds: A Semi-empirical Analysis (SCIE)
(By: Muhammed Açıkgöz) Journal of Fluorine Chemistry Vol: 175  Pages: 152-159  July 2015




Oxovanadium (IV) Complexes Based on S-Alkyl-thiosemicarbazidato ligands. Synthesis, Characterization, Electrochemical and Antioxidant Studies (SCI)
(By: Muhammed Açıkgöz, Berat İlhan Ceylan, Elif Tüzün, Yasemin Kurt, Sibel Kahraman, Gülten Atun, Bahri Ülküseven) Journal of Sulfur Chemistry Vol: 36 Issue: 4 Pages: 434-449  July 2015


Parameters and Mineral Nutrition in Phragmites Australis in Karasu River- Turkey (SCIE)
(By: İbrahim Ertuğrul Yalçın, Etem Osman, Veli İlhan) Global NEST Journal Vol: 17  Issue: 03  Pages: 555-564  June 2015


Structural and Mechanical Properties of (Co/Mg) Co-Doped Nano ZnO (SCIE)
(By: L.Arda, E.Asikuzun, A. Dönmez, O. Çakıroğlu, O. Oztürk, D. Akcan, M.Tosun, S. Ataoğlu, C.Terzioğlu) Ceramics International  Vol: 41  Pages: 6326-6334 June 2015


On the solution of the buckling problem of functionally graded truncated conical shells with mixed boundary conditions (SCIE)
(By: Nuri Kuruoğlu, A.H. Sofiyev) Composite Structures Vol:123 Pages: 282-291 May 2015


Determination of superposition model parameters required for analysis of the zero-field splitting parameters for Ni2+ ions in NiO6 complexes (SCIE)
(By: Muhammed Açıkgöz, Pawel Gnutek, Czeslaw Rudowicz) Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Vol:381 Pages: 99-104 May 2015



Mutual Information Analysis of Sleep EEG in Detecting Psycho-Physiological Insomnia (SCI)
(By: Serap Aydın, M. Alper Tunga, Sinan Yetkin) Journal of Medical Systems Vol:39  Issue: 5 Pages: 1-10 May 2015

Landfill Site Selection Using Fuzzy AHP and Fuzzy TOPSIS: A Case Study For Istanbul (SCI)
(By:A.Beşkese, H.Handan Demir, H. Kurtuluş Özcan, H.Eser Ökten) Environmental Earth Sciences Vol: 73 Issue:7  Pages:3513- 3521 April 2015


Multifunction Optoelectronic Gate (SCI)
(By:Sarper Özharar, İbrahim Özdür, Peter J. Delfyett) Microwave and Optical Technology Letters Vol: 57/4   Pages:969-972 April 2015


On a Problem of The Vibration of Functionally Graded Conical Shells with Mixed Boundary Conditions (SCI)
(By:Nuri Kuruoğlu, A.H. Sofiyev) Composites Part B-Engineering Vol: 70 Pages:122-130 March 2015


Modeling collaboration formation with a game theory approach (SCI)
(By: Jbid Arsenyan, Gülçin Büyüközkan, Orhan Feyzioğlu) Expert Systems with Applications Vol:42 Issue:4 Pages:2073-2085 March 2015

Stability and Hopf Bifurcation in a Delayed Holling-Tanner Type Model (SCI)
(By: Canan Çelik Karaaslanlı) Applied Mathematics and Computation Vol:255 Pages: 228-237  March 2015

Adoption of Corporate Environmental Policies in Turkey (SCIE)
(By: Erkan Bayraktar, Ekrem Tatoğlu, Özlem Ayaz Arda) Journal of Cleaner Production Vol:91  Pages:313-326  March 2015

Classification of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder by EEG Complexity and Hemispheric Dependency Measurements (SCI)
(By: Nafiz Arıca, Serap Aydın, Emrah Ergül, Oğuz Tan) International Journal of Neural Systems Vol:25 Pages:1550010 (16 pages)  March 2015


The Evaluation of System Success Model on CRM Applications (SCIE)
(By: Adem Karahoca, Banu Baklan, Dilek Karahoca) Global Journal of Information Technology  Vol:7  Pages:77-84  March 2015


Determination of Phytoplankton Density and Study of the Variation of Nutrients and Heavy Metals in the Surface Water of Riva Stream; One of the Water (SCIE)
(By: Göksel Demir, Neşe Yılmaz, İbrahim İlker Özyiğit, İbrahim Ertuğrul Yalçın) Desalination And Water Treatment Vol:55             Pages:810-820  March 2015

Control of thermal effects in fiber lasers by managing doping (SCI)
(By:M. Sadettin Özyazıcı, A. Tandıroviç Gürsel) Journal Of Optoelectronıcs And Advanced Materıals Vol: 17 Issue: 1-2 Pages: 39-44 Feb 2015


A Computational Analysis of Turkish Makam Music Based on a Probabilistic Characterization of Segmented Phrases (SCI)
(By: Barış Bozkurt,Bilge Karaçalı ) Journal of Mathematics and Music Vol: 9 Pages: 1-22  Jan 2015


A New Formulation and Approach for the Black and White Traveling Salesman Problem (SCIE)
(By: İbrahim Muter, ) Computers & Operations Research Vol: 53 Pages: 96-106 Jan 2015


A Polynomial Based Algorithm for Detection of Embolism (SCIE)
(By: Adem Karahoca, M. Alper Tunga) Sprinter Soft Computing Vol:19 Issue:1 Pages: 167-177 Jan 2015


Large-amplitude vibration of the geometrically imperfect FGM truncated conical Shell (SCI)

(By: Kuruoglu,N.;  Sofiyev, A. H.)  JOURNAL OF VIBRATION AND CONTROL  Volume: 21   Issue: 1   Pages: 142-156   Published: JAN 2015


Synthesis, characterization and magnetic properties of Fe3O4 doped chitosan polymer (SCIE)

By:Karaca, E ; Satir, M ; Kazan, S ; Acikgoz, M ; Ozturk, E ; Gurdag, G(; Ulutas, D  JOURNAL OF MAGNETISM AND MAGNETIC MATERIALS  Volume: 373   Pages: 53-59   Published: JAN 1 2015

Tools for magnetostructural correlations for the 3d(8)((3)A(2) state) ions at orthorhombic sites: Comparative study with applications to Ni2+ ions in Y2BaNiO5 and Nd2BaNiO5 (SCIE)

By: Gnutek, P.; Acikgoz, M.; Rudowicz, C. JOURNAL OF MAGNETISM AND MAGNETIC MATERIALS  Volume: 374   Pages: 484-494   Published: JAN 15 2015

A theoretical analysis of zero-field splitting of Mn2+ doped Cs2NaLaCl6 (SCI)

By: Acikgoz, Muhammed JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS  Volume: 619   Pages: 430-436   Published: JAN 15 2015

Synthesis, structure and ESR studies of Mg doped ZnAlO nanoparticles (SCI)

By: Cakiroglu, O.; Acikgoz, M.; Arda, L.; et al. JOURNAL OF MAGNETISM AND MAGNETIC MATERIALS  Volume: 373   Pages: 60-64   Published: JAN 1 2015

Structural and magnetic properties of Co-doped Er2O3 nanoparticles (SCI)

By: Arda, L.; Acikgoz, M.; Aktas, Y.; et al. JOURNAL OF MAGNETISM AND MAGNETIC MATERIALS  Volume: 373   Pages: 65-67   Published: JAN 1 2015

Preparation, structure and magnetic characterization of Ni doped ZnO nano-particles (SCI)

By: Dogan, N.; Bingolbali, A.; Arda, L. JOURNAL OF MAGNETISM AND MAGNETIC MATERIALS  Volume: 373   Pages: 226-230   Published: JAN 1 2015

The local environment of Cr3+ impurities in normal and x-rays irradiated carbon doped ruby: An electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) study (SCI)

By: Kazan, S.; Acikgoz, M.; Yalcin, O. JOURNAL OF MAGNETISM AND MAGNETIC MATERIALS  Volume: 373   Pages: 244-249   Published: JAN 1 2015


Determining the Essential Parameters of Bed Load and Suspended Sediment Load  (SCIE)

(By: Ali Osman Pektaş) International Journal of Global Warming Vol.: 8 Issue: 3 Pages: 335-359 ,  2015


A Comparative Economic Analysis for Medical Waste Treatment Options (SCIE)
(By: Adnan Çorum, Hatice Eser Ökten, Hacer Handan Demir) Bol Environment Protection Engineering Vol.: 41 Issue: 3 Pages: 137-148,  2015



Security of Energy Supply Japan: A Key Strategy and Solutions (SCI)
(By: Ali Osman Pektaş, Leman Erdal) International Journal of Global Warming Vol.: 7 Issue: 1 Pages: 128-158, 2015


Developing Air Pollution Early Warning System for the Marmara Region in Turkey (SCI)

(By: H.Özdemir, G.Demir, Y.Karahan) Environmental Science and Technology VI  Vol.:84 Issue: 3 Pages: 13-18,  2015


The Impact of Remanufacturing on total Inventory Cost and Order Variance (SCI)
(By: Adnan Çorum, Özalp Vayvay, Erkan Bayraktar) Journal Of Cleaner Production Vol: 85 Pages: 442-452 Dec 2014


Single Syllable Tongue Motion Analysis Using Tagged Cine MRI (SCIE)
(By: Devrim Unay, Cengizhan Ozturk & Maureen Stone) Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering Vol: 17 Issue: 8 Pages: 853-864 Nov 2014


Analysis of the local structure around Cr3+ centers in perovskite KMgF3 using both ab initio (DFT) and semi-empirical (SPM) calculations (SCIE)

By: Emul, Y.; Erbahar, D.; Acikgoz, M. CHEMICAL PHYSICS  Volume: 444   Pages: 52-60   Published: NOV 24 2014



Emission inventory of primary air pollutants in 2010 from industrial processes in Turkey (SCIE)

By: Alyuz, Ummugulsum; Alp, Kadir SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT  Volume: 497   Pages: 725-725   Published: NOV 1 2014

Combined influences of shear deformation, rotary inertia and heterogeneity on the frequencies of cross-ply laminated orthotropic cylindrical shells (SCIE)

By: Sofiyev, A. H.; Kuruoglu, N.COMPOSITES PART B-ENGINEERING  Volume: 66   Pages: 500-510   Published: NOV 2014

Quality-of-service differentiation in single-path and multi-path routing for wireless sensor network-based smart grid applications (SCIE)

By: Sahin, Dilan; Gungor, Vehbi Cagri; Kocak, Taskin; Tuna, Gurkan AD HOC NETWORKS  Volume: 22   Special Issue: SI   Pages: 43-60   Published: NOV 2014 

 Aging of bituminous mixes for rap simulation (SCIE)

By: Ongel, Aybike; Hugener, Martin CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS  Volume: 68   Pages: 49-54   Published: OCT 15 2014


Sustainable Mining Development with Community Using Design Thinking and Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (SCIE)

By: Yaman Ömer Erzurumlu, S.Sinan Erzurumlu Resources Policy  Published: OCT  2014

Simultaneous low noise radio frequency tone and narrow linewidth optical comb generation from a regeneratively mode-locked laser (SCIE)

By: Ozdur, Ibrahim; Ozharar, Sarper; Delfyett, Peter J.OPTICAL ENGINEERING  Volume: 53   Issue: 10     Article Number: 100501   Published: OCT 2014

Determinants of voluntary environmental management practices by MNE subsidiaries (SCIE)

(By: Tatoglu, Ekrem; Bayraktar, Erkan; Sahadev, Sunil; Demirbag, Mehmet; Glaister, Keith W. JOURNAL OF WORLD BUSINESS  Volume: 49   Issue: 4   Pages: 536-548   Published: OCT 2014


Lifetime analysis of wireless sensor nodes in different smart grid environments

By: Eris, Cigdem; Saimler, Merve; Gungor, Vehbi Cagri; Fadel, Etimad; Akyildiz, Ian F. WIRELESS NETWORKS  Volume: 20   Issue: 7   Pages: 2053-2062   Published: OCT 2014

Vibration analysis of nonhomogeneous orthotropic cylindrical shells including combined effect of shear deformation and rotary inertia (SCIE)

By: Najafov, A. M.; Sofiyev, A. H.; Kuruoglu, N. MECCANICA  Volume: 49   Issue: 10   Pages: 2491-2502   Published: OCT 2014

Heavy Metals Accumulation Causes Toxicological Effects in Aquatic (SCIE)
(By: Etem Osma, Veli İlhan, İbrahim Ertuğrul Yalçın) Brazilian Journal of Botany Vol:37 Issue: 4 Pages: 461-467 Sep 2014

Gaussian mixture model based estimation of the neutral face shape for emotion recognition (SCIE)

By: Ulukaya, Sezer; Erdem, Cigdem Eroglu DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING  Volume: 32   Pages: 11-23   Published: SEP 2014

Cloud Computing for Smart Grid applications (SCIE)

By: Yigit, Melike; Gungor, V. Cagri; Baktir, Selcuk COMPUTER NETWORKS  Volume: 70   Pages: 312-329   Published: SEP 9 2014

Peak discharge prediction due to embankment dam break by using sensitivity analysis based ANN (SCIE)

By: Pektas, Ali Osman; Erdik, Tarkan KSCE JOURNAL OF CIVIL ENGINEERING  Volume: 18   Issue: 6   Pages: 1868-1876   Published: SEP 2014


Femtosecond pulse generation with voltage-controlled graphene saturable absorber (SCIE)

By: Baylam, I.; Cizmeciyan, M. N.; Ozharar, S.; Polat, E. O.; Kocabas, C.; Sennaroglu, A. OPTICS LETTERS  Volume: 39   Issue: 17   Pages: 5180-5183   Published: SEP 1 2014

A Comprehensive Comparison of Association Estimators for Gene Network Inference Algorithms (SCI)

By: Kurt, Zeyneb; Aydin, Nizamettin; Altay, Gokmen BIOINFORMATICS  Volume: 30   Issue: 15   Pages: 2142-2149   Published: AUG 1 2014

Complexity and coherence analysis on EEG of patients with obsessive compulsive disorder (SCIE)

By: Aydin, S.; Ergul, E.; Arica, N.; Tan, O. ACTA PHYSIOLOGICA  Volume: 211   Special Issue: SI   Supplement: 697   Pages: 157-157   Meeting Abstract: P10.45   Published: AUG 2014


The role of segmentation interval in detecting seizure from EEG series by using embedding entropy metrics (SCIE)

By: Aydin, S. ACTA PHYSIOLOGICA  Volume: 211   Special Issue: SI   Supplement: 697   Pages: 156-157   Meeting Abstract: P10.43   Published: AUG 2014

Particle Velocity Gradient Based Acoustic Mode beamforming for Short Linear Vector Sensor Arrays (SCI)

By: Gur, Berke JOURNAL OF THE ACOUSTICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA  Volume: 135   Issue: 6   Pages: 3463-3473  Published: JUN 2014

Sensorless Speed Control of a Vector Controlled Three-Phase Induction Motor Drive By Using MRAS (SCIE)
(By: Ali Saffet Altay, Mehmet Emin Tacer, Ahmet Faik Mergen) Journal of Vibroenginerring Vol: 16 Issue: 3 Pages: 1258-1267 May 2014


An Efficient Nonlinear Imaging Approach for Dielectric Objects Buried Under a Rough Surface (SCIE)

By: Gurbuz, Tolga Ulas; Aslanyurek, Birol; Karabulut, E. Pinar; et al.

IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON GEOSCIENCE AND REMOTE SENSING  Volume: 52   Issue: 5   Pages: 3013-3022   Published: MAY 2014


Modelling Collaborative Product Development Using Axiomatic Design Principles: Application to Software Industry (SCI)

By: Arsenyan, Jbid; Buyukozkan, Gulcin

PRODUCTION PLANNING & CONTROL  Volume: 25   Issue: 7   Pages: 515-547   Published: MAY 1 2014 


Robust investment decisions under supply disruption in petroleum markets (SCIE)

By: Guelpinar, Nalan; Canakoglu, Ethem; Pachamanova, Dessislava COMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH  Volume: 44   Pages: 75-91   Published: APR 2014

A Comprehensive Comparison of Association Estimators for Gene Network Inference Algorithms (SCI)
(By:Gökmen Altay, Nizamettin Aydın, Gökmen Altay) Bioinformatics Pages: 1-8 March 2014


Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Black Carbon Aerosols in Istanbul Megacity (SCI)

By: Ozdemir, Huseyin; Pozzoli, Luca; Kindap, Tayfun; Demir, Goksel; Mertoglu, Bulent; Mihalopoulos, Nikos; Theodosi, Christina; Kanakidou, Maria; Im, Ulas; Unal, Alper SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT  Volume: 473   Pages: 451-458   Published: MAR 1 2014

Ensemble Canonical Correlation Analysis (SCI)

(By: C.Okan Şakar; Olcay Kurşun;  Fikret Gürgen) Applied Intelligence March 2014, Volume 40, Issue 2, pp 291-304, March 2014

Clustering-based Diversity Improvement in top-N Recommendation (SCIE)

By: Aytekin, Tevfik; Karakaya, Mahmut Ozge JOURNAL OF INTELLIGENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS  Volume: 42   Issue: 1   Pages: 1-18   Published: FEB 2014

Netmes:Assesing Gene Network Inference Algorithms by Network-Based Measures (SCIE)

By: Gökmen Altay, Zeyneb Kurt, Matthias Dehmer, Frank Emmert Streib)

Evol Bioinform Online. 2014; 10: 1–9. Published online Feb 6, 2014.

Combining Multiple Views; Case Studies on Protein and Arrhythmia (SCIE)

By: Sakar, C. Okan; Kursun, Olcay; Seker, Huseyin; Gurgen, Fikret; Aydin, Nizamettin; Favorov, Oleg



Influence of Aluminum on Mineral Nutrient Uptake and Accumulation in Urtica Pilulifera L. (SCI)

By: Dogan, Ilhan; Ozyigit, Ibrahim Ilker; Demir, Goksel JOURNAL OF PLANT NUTRITION  Volume: 37   Issue: 3   Pages: 469-481   Published: FEB 23 2014

Routing protocol design guidelines for smart grid environments (SCIE)

By: Temel, Samil; Gungor, Vehbi Cagri; Kocak, Taskin COMPUTER NETWORKS  Volume: 60   Pages: 160-170   Published: FEB 26 2014

 Computational Analysis of Turkish Makam Music: Review of State-of-the-Art and Challenges (SCIE)
(By: Barış Bozkurt, Ruhi Ayangil & André Holzapfel ) Journal of New Music Research Vol:43 Issue:1 Pages: 3-23 Jan2014

A Hierarchical Approach to Makam Classification of Turkish Makam Music, Using Symbolic Data (SCIE)

By: Unal, Erdem; Bozkurt, Baris; Karaosmanoglu, M. Kemal JOURNAL OF NEW MUSIC RESEARCH  Volume: 43   Issue: 1   Special Issue: SI   Pages: 132-146  Published: JAN 2 2014


A Robust Discrete-Time Adaptive Control Approach For Systems with Almost Periodic Time- Varying Parameters (SCIE)

By: Abidi, Khalid INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ROBUST AND NONLINEAR CONTROL  Volume: 24   Issue: 1   Pages: 166-178   Published: JAN 10 2014

Deciding Betwe