About Artificial Intelligence Engineering Department

The main purpose of the studies in the field of artificial intelligence is to develop systems that can think, learn and act like a human. Artificial intelligence approaches are the most up-to-date methods for solving important problems in many areas such as computer vision, natural language processing, bioinformatics, cyber security and robotics. The systems developed for these areas are now being rapidly replaced by existing products in many different sectors, and research shows that this speed will continue to increase.

The Eleventh Development Plan issued by The Presidency of Strategy and Budget includes the establishment of the necessary infrastructure in critical technology including artificial intelligence field, training of the required skilled human resources and social orientation are among the policies and measures relating to the provision of focus on this area. In the light of the emphasis that both the Eleventh Development Plan and the "National Artificial Intelligence Strategy Workshop" organized by the Presidency of Digital Transformation Office and TUSSİDE at the beginning of 2020, the dissemination efforts for the development and use of artificial intelligence technologies should become a national policy, it is understood that the artificial intelligence engineering department at the undergraduate level is one of the critical steps for training specialists.

The fact that the artificial intelligence field contains many sub-research fields and covers a wide range of application areas, has brought with it the need to specialize at the undergraduate level in this field. In line with this need, the Artificial Intelligence Engineering Department was established within the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences of our University as of 2020-2021 academic year.

Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences started its academic life with the establishment of Bahçeşehir University and has 20 years of experience. The Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences has a large faculty of staff in Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, and Electrical and Electronics Engineering departments, who have been conducting scientific projects on artificial intelligence. In addition, the faculty members carry out many studies to apply artificial intelligence techniques to real life problems in different sectors within the scope of R&D projects carried out in cooperation with industry. With the establishment of the Artificial Intelligence Engineering Department, it is aimed to train qualified human resources in the field of artificial intelligence, which is constantly expanding with its qualified academic staff.

Data produced in almost every sector such as internet, energy, telecommunications, automotive, health, education, retail, security, logistics, finance has reached huge amounts and this increase is expected to continue in the coming years. It is among the highest value-added subjects for countries and companies to efficiently process the data obtained through the rapid implementation of concepts and technologies such as the internet of things, cloud computing and big data analytics in the production and service sectors. Artificial Intelligence Engineering students will be qualified to produce this surplus value with the training they will receive on topics such as machine learning, deep learning, image processing, natural language processing, data analysis, data visualization, computer games, robotics, business intelligence, CO-OP with the branded courses within the scope of the system, they will have the opportunity to meet the leading engineers in the field of artificial intelligence during their education and our graduates will be able to be employed as engineers needed in almost all sectors.