Mathematics is a scientific discipline, which provides the development of scientific thinking ability and forms the basis of all positive sciences, with the well-known definition. Mathematics is used everywhere from human relations to social relations. Computer subjects such as data structures and algorithms, programming languages, databases and operating systems as well as mathematics subjects such as analysis, algebra, geometry, differential equations, number theory and topology are included together in this program. Mathematics Program meets the need for qualified manpower well-trained in the field of software. In addition to basis of a strong theoretical mathematics; it aims to educate the graduates experienced with mathematical applications and computer skills.

Theoretical – Factual

He/she has advanced theoretical and practical knowledge, which will foreground the scientific approach supported by textbooks, application tools and other resources with current information in the field. 

Cognitive – Practical  

He/she uses advanced theoretical and practical knowledge which he/she has acquired in his/her field. He/she renews this information depending on the conditions of the day. He/she evaluates and interprets data by using advanced knowledge and skills acquired in the field; identifies and analyzes problems in line with current technological developments, develops solutions based on research and evidences. He/she has the ability to conceptualize events and facts related to the field; examines them with scientific methods and techniques. 

He/she designs and conducts experiment for analyzing problems, collects data, analyzes and interprets the results.

Communication and Social Competence

He/she informs related persons and institutions on the issues related to the field; expresses his/her solution recommendations for problems in written and oral form. He/she shares his/her ideas on the issues related to the field and solution recommendations for problems with the specialist and nonspecialists by supporting them with quantitative and qualitative data. He/she organizes and implements projects and events for social environment, where he/she lives, with social responsibility awareness.

He/she follows information in his/her field and communicates with colleagues by using a foreign language at least at European Language Portfolio B1 General Level. He/she uses information and communication technologies with computer software at advanced level for European Computer Use License required by the field. He/she uses his:/her field-related accumulation of knowledge on human health and environmental awareness for the benefit of society.

Learning Competence

He/she evaluates advanced knowledge and skills, which he/she has acquired in his/her field, with a critical approach. He/she determines learning requirements and guides learning. He/she develops a positive attitude for lifelong learning. He/she is aware of lifelong learning necessity and continuously develops professional knowledge and skills.

Field Specific Competence

He/she acts in accordance with scientific, cultural and ethical values in collecting, interpreting, implementing data related to his/her field and reporting the results.

He/she is sufficiently aware of the universality of social rights, social justice, quality management and behaving in accordance with the processes (instead of quality culture) and protection of cultural values and environmental protection, occupational health and safety. He/she carries out an advanced level of study related to Field of Competence for Ability to Work Independently and Ability to take Responsibility. He/she takes responsibility as individual and team member to solve complex and unforeseen problems encountered in his/her field related applications. He/she plans and manages activities for the development of employees within the framework of a project under his/her responsibility. He/she plays a role in decision-making in problems encountered with relation to different discipline areas. He/she uses time effectively in the process of drawing conclusion with analytical thinking ability. 

This program aims to provide a graduate who graduated with a bachelor degree in the field of Mathematics with the following knowledge and skills:

  • To become proficient at basic mathematics, applied mathematics theory and applications
  • To understand mathematical proofs and to be able to access them and to build appropriate proofs as well as to be able to identify and analyze problems and to find solutions based on scientific methods
  • To be able to apply mathematics with an interdisciplinary approach and to discover their effective potential
  • To improve himself/herself and to acquire necessary accumulation of knowledge in the level in which he/she is able to make modeling in the fields where mathematics is used
  • To be able to explain theoretical and technical information to specialists in detail and to nonspecialists in a simple and understandable way
  • To be acquainted with computer programs used in the field of mathematics and to use at least one of them at the European Computer Driving License Advanced Level
  • To behave in accordance with social, scientific and ethical values ​​at every step of the project in which he/she takes charge and to make projects presentation and applications within the scope of environmental participation
  • To evaluate effectively all processes with an intellectual accumulation in the universal sense and to have adequate awareness of quality management
  • To establish relation among concrete events in such a way that he/she has the ability of abstract thinking, to transfer solutions, to design experiments, to collect data, to analyze results with scientific methods and to get involved
  • To be aware of lifelong learning and to provide continuous lifelong learning by renewing the knowledge, skills and abilities acquired throughout the program
  • To conduct research alone or as a member of a team, to be effective in every step of a project, to participate in decision-making processes, to plan and carry out projects by using time effectively.