Engineering Management

Engineering Management Program aims to educate students as  leader engineers who are capable of accessing knowledge to shape the future at international level,  and also equip them with knowledge, techniques, and approaches of Engineering Management so that they are creative, research oriented, highly concerned about professional ethics, and have an interrogative approach and an understanding of social responsibility.

The graduates of Engineering Management Program are able to build concepts and basis in methods of the Engineering Management issues to create solutions for real world problems. They exhibit their abilities in team work, communication, leadership, and creativity for Engineering Management problems. They provide awareness to the professional ethics and impact of Engineering Management solutions on the society and environment.

In order to meet the increasing demand for skilled professional managers in service industries, the graduates of Engineering Management are equipped with abilities to manipulate data and build numeric models for problems, evaluate the environmental conditions of organization and so to provide feasible solutions and employ them.

They become effective engineers to lead projects in research and modeling studies which would enhance the intellectual capacity in service industries.

As leader engineers they create all kinds of information and build projects to increase human capital and assets in service industries.