Faculty of Communication - About Faculty

"We’ve been preparing our students to become the best in the communication world of the future.”

The communication world is a very colorful world which surprises us every day with new technological inventions, creative approaches, and surprising innovations. The communication field creates a vast universe which includes films, television, web-based interactive sites, animations, games, and advertisements which appear constantly in our lives.
Our goal, as Bahçeşehir University’s Faculty of Communication, is to educate professionals in the communication world who command dynamics of this communication-based technological environment, spark interest for creative innovations, and shape the future with their visions. Our goal is not simply to be the best faculty of communication in our country but also to be the best in the world.
Leading values which make our faculty well-qualified are an academic staff which consists of specialists in the communication field. Each of our staff is well-known and successful in their fields, and they are experienced professionals in the communication sector.
In our faculty, which contains the departments of Cinema and Television, Advertising, Public Relations, Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design, Photography and Video, and Journalism, theoretical and practice classes are being performed at the same time. Practice classes take place at CATI, focus group search laboratories, television and radio studios, and animation, short film and basic design workshops. Our students graduate with the knowledge of how to create their own short films, radio programs, advertising and public relations campaigns, animation and interactive web sites, and photographs by learning the principles in practice environments; these are examples of professional communication life. Our students participate in organizations such as Aydın Doğan Young Communication Professionals and the International Advertising Association (IAA).
The university’s CO-OP programs allows communication students to gain real-world experience at companies within the industry. Thanks to this system, our students gain the opportunity to be educated as communication professionals in agencies, studios and companies for three or six months and take CO-OP classes which will improve students’ professional skills. In this way, our students become more acquainted with the industry and gain experience in the field, giving them an advantage when they search for jobs after graduation.
Our university holds partnerships with a multitude of universities worldwide, especially in the USA, Europe, and South Korea. If desired, our students can continue their education for one or two semesters in one of our sister schools abroad and gain experience in viewing communication through multiple cultures.
We have educated our students to be innovative pioneers in the communication world of the future. We anticipate that you will join successful communication professionals in the industry after you graduate.