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To the Attention of Graduate Students Taking the 2020-2021 Spring Semester "Thesis 2" Course and Their Advisors


The departments that will use the B-Thesis Writing Guide;

















Other departments will use the A- Thesis Writing Guide.


Students who have been successful in the "Thesis 1" and "Seminar" courses in the previous terms have to complete their thesis writing and to complete their studies by following the dates specified in the summary calendar for graduation in the "Thesis 2" period, which is the defense period. Thesis students as well as advisors are responsible for following the calendar.


  • After taking the theses, whose academic content they approve to be completed, to plagiarism control, the advisors should give their approval to our institute with a letter of approval until the deadline specified in the calendar for "first format check", if the result is in accordance with the rates specified in the regulation (Maximum 25%). Theses will be delivered to the Institute by hand, together with the turnitin report and the approval of the Thesis advisor. (South Campus M Block 1st Floor)


*Our students who are currently residing abroad will be able to send their thesis by e-mail for the thesis format control process. Therefore, thesis advisors must confirm that the student is residing abroad, while submitting the letter of conformity for thesis format check to the Institute. Students regarding this issue can send their thesis to the address below;


  • If even at least one of the written and digital copies of the thesis is missing, the thesis will not be checked for format.
  • The thesis that has not been completed, that is, its content has not been approved by the advisor, will not be taken into format control.
  • No additions or deletions can be made in terms of content on the thesis, which has all documents completed for format control.
  • The Thesis Jury Proposal will be signed by the Consultant and sent to


It is the joint responsibility of the advisor and the thesis student to ensure that the thesis defense is made within the date range shown in the calendar.


  • Students who are successful at the end of the defense (S Grade) cannot graduate unless they deliver the bound copy of the thesis approved by the institute before the deadline with the required documents. If the thesis advisor does not enter the course grade successfully during the grade entry period, the student cannot graduate again if he submits the documents and work on time.


  • The student who receives an extension at the end of the defense (PR Grade) must submit the signed "Thesis Record Form" and "Jury Report" to the Institute within 1 month. Students who receive a thesis correction must defend again within 3 months and repeat all steps during the correction period for their thesis (such as Advisor approval, plagiarism report, format check, defense).


  • The student who fails at the end of the defense (U Grade) must submit the Thesis Record Form to the Institute within 1 month.


BAHÇEŞEHİR UNIVERSITY GRADUATE EDUCATION AND TEACHING REGULATION Finalization of the master's thesis ARTICLE 14 - (8) (Amended: RG-19/9 / 2020-31249) A student whose thesis is rejected and / or does not complete the maximum period of his / her thesis defense is dismissed from the University.


If requested;


BAHÇEŞEHİR UNIVERSITY POSTGRADUATE EDUCATION AND TEACHING REGULATION Finalization of the master's thesis ARTICLE 14 - (10) If the student whose thesis is rejected, he / she is awarded a master's degree without thesis provided that he / she has fulfilled the requirements of the non-thesis master's program course credit load, project writing and similar requirements. If the master's program with thesis does not have an approved non-thesis master's program, the student is assigned to the closest non-thesis program with the decision of the institute board of directors and the diploma is awarded from the non-thesis program. In this situation, a maximum of one semester additional time is given to the student to complete his / her deficiencies. If the student has completed his / her maximum period of time, he / she cannot use his / her student rights.


According to the article, the student can switch to the non-thesis program.


The format control of the law graduate programs is carried out by the consultants. Law graduate students who will defend their thesis should only submit the jury proposal form to the institute on the specified date.


Spring Term Thesis Calendar


17 May 2021 Monday - 11 June 2021 Friday

Delivery date range to the Institute for format check of master's and doctoral theses. Master's and doctoral theses submitted after this date are not processed and the candidate cannot take the exam. (Except for law graduate programs)

25 June 2021 Friday

Deadline for holding the master's project or thesis defense exams and submitting the results to the institute.

29 June 2021 Tuesday

Deadline for entering Spring Semester final grades. (09:00 am ).

02 August 2021 Monday

Deadline for students who are successful in the master's thesis exam to submit the required number of printed and digital copies of the thesis in accordance with the spelling rules to the institute.


What you need to do for graduation (Thesis Students);


1) Completing your thesis study in line with the suggestions of your Thesis Advisor and submitting it to your advisor,

2) Checking the format of your thesis work,

3) Presentation of your thesis in front of the jury,

4) To deliver the signed and approved copies of the theses whose format control has been completed and the presentation has been successfully completed, together with the Turnitin Report, to the Graduate Education Institute Directorate.


Issues to be Considered in Thesis Submission;


• 1 hardcover thesis (The original of the thesis approval form that the thesis has been approved by the jury must be included in the thesis)

• Register the thesis data entry form by filling in the link below and sign it with 3 printouts. The ORCID number must be included in the data entry forms, detailed information is available in the ORCID section of the data entry area.


(In order to fill the form, it is required to be a member with an e-government password at


• 2 CDs (The ones that should be on the CD; the whole thesis in PDF and WORD format. Appendices should be in the form of a rar file, the files on the CDs should be saved with the reference number given in the YÖK data entry form, you should write your reference number, name and surname on the CDs. Signed approval form should not be included in the files on the CD).


• 3 thesis defense examination reports, 2 thesis approval forms and Turnitin / Plagiarism report (to be taken by the advisor teacher) will be submitted to our institute by the student. (Signatures of Consultants and Jury Members must be wet or E-signature)



In the Thesis Defense, you must have 3 "Exam Minutes" and 3 Thesis Approval Forms with you. One of the three Approval Form samples that you will receive with wet signature or E-signature will be delivered to the institute together with other documents except the other sample to be added to the page specified in the thesis..


To the Attention of 2020-2021 Spring Term Project Students and Related Advisors


The content of the completed work of the students who have taken the Project course in the 2020-2021 Spring semester, as well as the format, are checked by the project consultants. Projects that are found suitable in format and successful in terms of content should be submitted to the Institute together with the necessary documents by the specified date. For students who fail or do not submit their projects, it is sufficient to prepare and submit an evaluation form only. Project grade entries will be made by the program coordinators during the grade entry week.


Spring Term Project Calendar


25 June 2021 Friday

Deadline for submission of graduate projects to the institute. Projects with Turnitin report and Project Evaluation Form will be delivered to the Institute by hand as a CD. (South Campus M Block 1st Floor)

29 June 2021 Tuesday

Deadline for entering Spring Semester final grades. (09:00 am)


Issues to be Considered in Project Delivery;


• 1 Project Evaluation Form (Signatures must be complete and there must be no missing information)

• Turnitin Report (A one-page report with clear student name and surname information and plagiarism rate)

• 1 CD (the whole project in the CD; it should be in the form of PDF and WORD files)