Ph.D. Programs

Bahçeşehir University Ph.D. Programs in the Graduate School

- Business Administration (EN)

- Economics and Finance (EN)

- Political Science and International Relations (EN)

- Advertising and Public Relations (TR)

- Cinema and Media Research (EN-TR)

- Private Law (TR) (only bachelor of Law and master of Law graduates are admitted.)

- Public Law  (TR) (only bachelor of Law graduates are admitted.)

- Nursing (EN-TR) (only bachelor of Nursing and master degree in Nursing graduates are accepted.)

- Neuroscience (EN) (Undergraduate and Postgraduate Graduates of Medicine, Pharmacy, Veterinary, Dentistry, Psychology, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Biology, Bioengineering, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Physics, Biophysics and related fields)

- Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (TR) (only bachelor of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation graduates are accepted.)

- English Language Education (EN) (Graduates of English Language Education, English Language Literature, American Culture and Literature, Linguistics, Translation and Interpretation or Educational Sciences)

- Educational Technology (EN-TR)

- Psychological Counseling and Guidance (TR) (Guidance and Psychological Counseling, Clinical Psychology, Family Counseling, Developmental Psychology graduates)

- Architecture and Design (EN) (Candidates applying for this Ph.D. program must have a Bachelor's degree in Architecture, Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, Industrial Design or City or Regional Planning)

- Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EN) (Basic sciences or Engineering undergraduate degree)

-Urban Systems and Transportation Management (EN)

- Computer Engineering (EN) (Computer Engineering, Electrical-Electronics, Electronic Communication and Software Engineering undergraduate graduates and graduates with computer infrastructure)

- Industrial Engineering (EN) (Engineering undergraduates)

- Management Engineering (TR)

-Mathematics (TR) (Basic sciences or Engineering undergraduate degree)

-Bioengineering  (EN) (Basic sciences or Engineering undergraduate degree)


General minimum requirements for candidates applying to Ph.D. program:

* GRE result of at least 151 in the quantitative score type or GMAT result of at least 465 in total,

* To have master's degree with thesis,

* English Proficiency Result Certificate (YDS:65, TOEFL:79, YÖKDIL:65) is required.(For English Language Education Program; YDS: 80, YÖKDIL: 80, TOEFL: 96)

* YDS:55, YÖKDIL:55, TOEFL;66 are required for Turkish programs.

NOTE: Candidates applying to English Language Education Ph.D. program must have a minimum graduation average of 3.00.


1. There is no “special student” status in doctoral programs. Candidates are required to meet all minimum requirements.

2. The validity period of the exam is 5 years for GRE, GMAT and ALES, 5 years for YDS-YÖKDIL and 2 years for TOEFL.

3. Students with a bachelor's degree are not accepted within the Graduate School.

4. According to the regulation published on February 6, 2013, candidates who are registered to master's degree programs without thesis will not be evaluated in the doctoral application process. (See:

Ph.D. Application Documents

1. Copy of Undergraduate and Graduate Diploma

2. Copy of Undergraduate and Graduate Transcripts

3. TOMER(Turkish Exam) Result for Programs in Turkish

4. 2 Reference Letters

5. Resume

6. A Letter of Intent (should be written in the language of the applied program.)

7. Master Project/Thesis Sample

8. Foreign Language Result Certificate

9. GRE or GMAT Result Certificate

10. Certificate of Employment

11. ID/ Passport copy

12. 1 Photo

The candidates who complete the doctoral application documents and meet the application requirements are subjected to the written Science Exam and, if successful, are invited to the oral Science Exam. Candidates who are successful in their Written and Oral exams and who are accepted gain the right to complete registration.