Internship; It is an application study carried out in private or public workplaces, which is intended to observe the application of engineering knowledge acquired in engineering undergraduate education in working life. Internships during engineering education aim to help students discover their interests, prepare them for business life, and apply the learned theoretical knowledge.

Software Engineering students have to do an internship at least 30 working days after the fourth semester of their studies. Students that have not completed an internship cannot graduate. The internship must be held on 30 working days and it is evaluated as a course and at the end of the internship, students are responsible to take the course SEN4995. An internship report is designed by the student using template report given. As a grade of this course, students can take S(satisfactory), U(unsatisfactory), or PR(progress).

Students are responsible to find a company to do their internship. At this point, students can request for help to CO-OP office.

Our department's internship supervisor, Research Assistant Sevgi Canpolat, will answer your questions via an e-mail. (

The steps to be followed during the internship are as follows:

       Step 1: Finding the Company for Internship

       Step 2: Preparation of Required Documents for the Company

       Step 3: Preparation of Documents Required for Insurance Entry

       Step 4: Doing the Internship

       Step 5: Taking the Internship Lesson and Preparing the Report

       Step 6: Follow-up of Initial Reports

       Step 7: Submitting the Final Report

       Step 8: Submitting the Printed Copy of the Report

You can find detailed information and required documents at the following address:

You can access the internship procedures of the Personnel Department from this link.