Economics and Finance

Ph. D. Program is a comprehensive program designed for those who aim to become lecturers in economics by internalizing macro and micro economic theories. The teaching language of this program is English. Ph. D. candidates will improve their academic and practical skills in both national and international economics and will closely follow scientific papers in the field of economics.

This program will examine topics in regulation and econometrics and will address economic fields such as Labor Economics, Urban Economics, and Education Economics.

The academic staff at Bahçeşehir University teaches students economic models and also prepares them with the necessary skills to follow and interpret economic developments.

The Economic Ph. D. consists of all courses indicated in the curriculum, Ph.D. Qualification Exam and the preparation and defense of a dissertation. Ph.D. students must complete the course work within four semesters. Students who complete the course work are entitled to start working on their Ph. D. dissertation, after passing the Ph. D. Qualification Exam. Then, after completing the Ph.D. dissertation under the supervision of an advisor, students defend their dissertation before the jury. Those who succeed in their defense complete the program and become entitled to receive the doctorate degree.