Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need psychological counselling?

You can benefit from psychological counselling for all your current problems which affect your daily life and university life. For instance, if you;

  • want to manage your stress and anxiety,
  • have problems in exam and grades,
  • cannot succeed despite your hard work,
  • struggling about decision making,
  • have some unpleasant automatic thoughts,
  • have some feelings and thoughts that you cannot share with anyone but want to tell someone,
  • experience anxiety about the future/career,
  • think that something is wrong in your life,
  • want to build effective communication with people and want to explain your feelings and thoughts properly,
  • want to deal with your shyness and loneliness,
  • think that you have some problems about self-confidence and initiating socialization.
  • experience difficulty in adapting university life, you can take an appointment from PDRM.


Do only students with serious psychological problems get psychological counselling?

Everyone who have distress in any area of their life (eating, sleeping, studying, concentration, relationships, emotional mood, et.) can get psychological counselling. Being university student is stressful. You can feel better by getting psychological support while dealing with problems.


Getting psychological support doesn’t mean that you are powerless or have a weak character. On the contrary, facing with problems could be challenging and requires courage.


Why do I tell my problems to someone I don’t know?

The time you have in your meeting with psychological counsellor is only for you and your problems. Unlike some of your friends and family members, your counsellor will be unbiased and non-judgemental. Psychological counsellors try to understand your situation. Your meetings will be confidential and you can be sure that you won’t see your psychological counsellor sitting next to you in class. J


How does the psychological counselling help me?

In psychological counselling you will experience a trustworthy space for your thoughts and feelings. In that way you can understand your problems, yourself, your feelings, thoughts and behaviours better. Facing with problems will bring a certain relief and hope.


Who can benefit from the services of PDRM? What is the cost of psychological counselling?

All the services of PDRM are only for BAU students and are free of charge.


Are online meetings as effective as face to face meetings?

If you create a proper environment for online meetings, it will be as effective as face to face meetings. If you can protect your confidentiality without getting interrupted or heard, you can benefit from the meetings more.


Do the meetings get shared with someone else? Is something recorded in academic files of the students based on the meetings?

Psychological counselling is based on confidentiality. Any kind of information will be kept secret. The psychologists in PDRM are following ethical rules in keeping the information and files, in destruction of those and in sharing of the information when it’s necessary. All the information related to psychological counselling (notes, test data, writings, and all the other documents) are property of the psychologist, not the institution/center. These are using for professional reasons and not be explained for someone else without student’s permission. They are not written in academic files. Some of the information can be shared with authorities when student or someone else’s life is in danger.


How can I make an appointment? How long does it take to get an appointment?

To make an appointment, you can send an e-mail to Your email will be replied in 24 hours during weekdays. You can also reach to the center via telephone, however the calls cannot be replied in meetings.


After your application your appointment will be set by one of the psychologists of the PDRM to the nearest possible time. During peak times (such as before finals or end of the semesters) it could take a while to set an appointment.


Can I make an appointment for someone else?

It is important to apply in person to benefit more from the meetings. If you want to refer a student to PDRM, you can call the center next to her/him and mediate the application process. Besides, if the student confirms to share the information of her/him, one of the psychologists can reach the student and set an appointment.


Can I have long term therapy from the center?

Everyone can understand different things from “long term therapy”. Some of them are; weekly sessions for a long time, biweekly follow up sessions, non- regulated meetings for years. The service that PDRM offers is short term psychological counselling. The method and duration of the meetings can change according to the student’s needs, the intensity of the problem and clinical observation of the specialist.


What does your psychological counsellor?

  • Your psychological counsellor listens you carefully and does the assessment. After setting your aim, you can start the process with your counsellor in line with your aim with the framework of confidentiality and professional relationship.
  • Psychological counsellor helps you to understand your problem and yourself better. In this way you can solve your problem more efficiently. Your psychological counsellor does not solve the problem for you or does not give you advices about your life because you know your life best and only you can decide the right solution and practice it.
  • S/he listens you carefully, without prejudice and asks questions to understand you more.
  • S/he tries to be delicate and non- judgemental towards your beliefs, values and thoughts.
  • Psychological counsellor provides you a safe environment in order to understand yourself and your problems better. You can start to solve your problems and enhance your skills.
  • S/he can guide you other specialists when its necessary and/or better for your psychological health.