About Department of Music

In the Department of Music, which was opened within the Bahçeşehir University Conservatory, an integrated program that conducts research on music and folklore and raises students in order to be specialists in the field of music technology (music software, tonmeistering, arranging, sound physics, electronic music composition), and performer(Turkish music, classical western music, jazz, film music, theatre music, advertising music) in the field of composition, is planned.

Sub-education modules in the Department of Music are as follows;

-Music Technologies



-Turkish music

-Classic Western Music


-Composition and Orchestra Conductorship

BAU Conservatory Music Department, where a curriculum created in the light of original, modern and traditional productions will be implemented, has the vision of providing 21st century artist education skills to its students in the integrity of practice and theory.

Our department aims to raise artists who have access to universal knowledge and information-use required by the information age, and artistic competencies, are knowledgeable and experienced in the field of music, and are sensitive to the cultural problems of the country and are successful in their profession, and protect our artistic, cultural and historical values, and provide high-level services and works in the field of music and are qualified in accordance with the professional education standards set by the European Union in international standards.