Department of Prosthodontics

In general terms, to replace a missing organ, to cover the disability of an organ made artificial organs or parts are called prostheses.

The aim of prosthetic dentistry which is one of the most important department of dentistry is;

congenital absence,

miss due to trauma, decay or any other reason,

aesthetically disturbing the patient,

teeth and / or surrounding tissues; fixed (such as crowns and bridges, lamina, inlay, onlay, overlay, endocrown), removable (partial and total prostheses) and implant prosthesis as well as are used to restore lost organs(such as nose-ear-eye) or deformities in the maxillofacial region with artificial materials called maxillofacial prostheses , and to restore the aesthetic, phonation and function that the patient has lost.

The treatment of temporomandibular joint disorders with various appliances and the restoration of lost occlusal relationships are also among the objectives of prosthetic dental treatment.