Department of Periodontics

Periodontology is a department of dentistry that diagnoses and treats teeth and their surrounding tissues, diseases affecting them and conducts educational activities and scientific studies in this field.

The aim of the Department of Periodontology is; innovative, contemporary and didactic clinical training curriculum, advanced research and scientific activity, and local, national and international recognition of the faculty for patient care and service.

 The Department of Periodontology aims to diagnose, treat and preserve the health of the teeth and the surrounding tissues in the dental clinic. Prevention or treatment of gingival diseases is important in the prevention of many systemic diseases and in the control of existing systemic diseases.

 The treatment of gum diseases called periodontal treatment includes surgical and non-surgical treatments.

 Non-surgical treatments; Treatments such as tooth surface cleaning, root planing, subgingival curettage and debridement procedures, occlusal arrangements, splint applications.

Periodontal surgical treatments; Surgical treatment of gingival recessions, surgical treatment of gingival enlargement, surgical applications to treat tissue loss due to gingival diseases, bone grafts, membrane applications, soft tissue grafts, gingivectomy and gingivoplasty for gingival aesthetics.