Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology

Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology consists of Oral Diagnosis Clinic where the first examinations of the patients applied to the Faculty of Dentistry is made and Radiology Clinic where diagnostic imaging procedures are performed.

Oral Diagnosis is a science that deals with the diagnosis, differential diagnosis and treatment planning of diseases in the jaw-face region in the light of scientific data. Oral Medicine is evaluating the relationship with systemic condition, diagnosis and medical treatment of  pathologies seen in the jaw-face region. In Oral Diagnosis Clinic, anamnesis (patient history) of the patients admitted to the faculty is taken, radiographic examination and laboratory examinations are performed after the clinical examination and non-invasive treatments and treatment plans are made according to the data obtained.

Radiology is the use of X-rays and other imaging methods for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. In dental radiology clinic, besides intraooral (periapical radiography, bite-wing radiography, occlusal radiography etc.) and extraoral (panoramic radiography, cephalometric radiography etc.) two-dimensional imaging methods; three dimensional assessments for implant planning, evaluation of impacted teeth, evaluation of cysts, tumors and similar lesions in the jaw-face region are performed with cone beam computed tomography. When deemed necessary, diagnosis and treatment planning of diseases are performed by using computed tomography, ultrasonography, magnetic resonance imaging and PET.