Student Affairs - Forms

Address Notification Form

Application Form for Double Major

Adjustment Form For Double Major

All Purpose Petition - Form

Application Form for Course Add/Drop

Application Form for Course Exemption

Application Form for Second Copy of Diploma


Application Form for Diploma Supplement

BAU Directive on the Principles Regarding the Acceptance ofExcuses in Respect of the Midterm and Final Exams and the Holding ofExcuse Exams

Diploma Request Form

Request Form for Supplementary Exam (For Students in Graduation Status)

Withdrawal Form

Disenrollment Form

Application Form for Objection to Exam Results

Suspension of Registration (Undergraduate Students)

Suspension of Registration (Graduate Students)

nternal Undergraduate Transfer Application FormI

Adjustment Form for Internal Undergraduate Transfer

Application Form for External Undergraduate Transfer

Adjustment Form for External Undergraduate Transfer

Form for Excused Late Registration

Application Form for Excuse Exam

Grade Report Form

Form of Declaration for Student Status

Application Form for Special Student Status

Form of Departure Permission and Passport Fee Exemption

Form of Declaration for Health Status

Request Form for Change of Section

Form of Declaration for Parent Information

Application Form for Minor

Application Form for Taking Courses in Summer School (From Other Universities)

The Note Notification Form