National and International Funds

BAUTTO provides services for national and international support programs and assists the academic industrialists and projects that need developing within the scope of university-industry cooperation in accessing the appropiate funding mechanism in an accurate, fast and efficient manner.

BAUTTO provides sercives in national and international supports listed below.

  • Informing the faculty through the intelligent partnering programs which delivers to targeted audiences.
  • Provides support for determining the appropiate support and funding programs
  • Following the calls and national legislations and announcing the alterations and changes of such legislations
  • Providing the correct information of the university for national and international project applications
  • Providing support, matching, and project application support for TEYDEB projects
  • Coordinating the formation of project teams (with internal stakeholders) for funding programs
  • Budgeting and financial management operations are carried out with BAUTTO’s coordination. BAUTTO communicates with the Department of Finance and the Department of Personnel regarding the requests listed below. Detailed workflows can be found in the guide named “BAUTTO Processes” in the Documents section.
    • Transactions such as opening project accounts, account transactions and providing reciepts etc.
    • Supplying project advances, advance closing operations
    • Appointing Students working on projects, students SGK entries and student payments,
    • Payment requests (equipment, personnel payments, incentive premiums etc.) and their follow ups
    • Entering information to TÜBİTAK project’s the Transfer Tracking System (TTS) and providing the approved general journal
    • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
    • Preparing the certified public accountant (CPA) reports

University Industry Cooperation

BAUTTO manages the relationship between correctly directing the projects at the idea stage and / or existing R&D activities to the industry as well as relaying the industry’s needs to the expert academicians to design projects. BAUTTO provides services in bringing academicians and industrialists together with sectoral organizations and in analyzing the industry needs.

BAUTTO provides the support listed below regarding the university-industry field.

  • Provides support in industry-academician, academician-industry partnering services, preparation of contract (Cooperation protocol, confidentiality agreement, consultancy agreement), contract management, legal advice, support of financial issues and management of administrative processes
  • Provides services by bringing the industry with expert faculty together to support funds as well as equity transfers.
  • The consulting services and budgeting & finance management workflow is carried out by BAUTTO’s coordination. The requests listed below are communicated to the Department of Finance and Personnel through TTO’s coordination. Detailed workflows can be found in the form titled “BAU TTO Processes” in the Documents section.
  • Invoice regulation for consultancy services,
  • Advising and informing regarding counseling payments,
  • Regulation and registration of progress reports regarding consultancy services,
  • Consulting service payment requests.


Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights Management
BAU TTO is the unit responsible for the management of intellectual and industrial property rights within the university. The Turkish Patent Institute Information and Documentation Unit, operating since 2009, continue its services within BAUTTO.
In BAU, the technology / product protection and commercialization stages are provided individually. Detailed workflow for these can be found in the “BAUTTO Processes” guide in the Documents section. Support for FSMH is listed below.

  • Providing information Academic staff/Faculty, administrative staff, entrepreneur students and alumni; Patent, utility model, brand and industrial design issues.
  • Providing technical research, application operations, application process follow up services regarding the invention.
  • Sharing information regarding licensing services to academic staff, administrative staff, entrepreneur students and graduates.
  • Offers market research, patenting and utility model valuation services within the scope of commercialization activities for inventions.

Entrepreneurship and Incorporation

BAUTTO is the responsible office for the BAU Entrepreneurship Program for faculty, student and graduates. The services for this area are listed below. Detailed information and workflows regarding the Entrepreneurship Program can be found in the BAUTTO Processes guide in the Documents section.

  • Managing the BAU Future Funds (BFF) program with SparkGo for the BAU students and graduates.
  • Providing counseling services for faculty and students who has business ideas and supporting the establishment of the business model, determining the target group and modeling of the product / service according to the target group, determination of the initial investment capital need, establishing the sales and marketing plan.
  • Referring entrepreneurs to KOSGEB BAU TEKMER and informing them about KOSGEB Enterprise Support and Teknogiris Capital Support programs.
  • Organizing entrepreneurship trainings and executing sustainable cooperation activities with the national and global entrepreneurship ecosystem.
  • Offering business development and mentoring services.
    • Providing support for Intellectual Property Rights management and licensing activities.