About Us

Bahçeşehir University Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT) was founded in 2019.


Main Goal:

– To contribute to the continuous development and improvement of BAU learners, teachers and the learning environment via trainings and support activities

– To contribute to society at large via research activities.


– To support BAU students’ efforts as they are learning and becoming a self-learner.

– To support BAU academic staff’s continuous development as a teacher and their efforts to reach their goals in education.

– To support BAU administrative staff and management team’s efforts in their personal and professional development.

– To report to BAU top management about trends, new literature, good practices and observations gathered together during Center.

– To do research, carry out projects and publish nationally and internationally on higher education teaching, learning and learning environment whilst effectively using education technology and data mining disciplines.



CLT activities are designed according to the characteristics and needs of the target group and offered in different ways such as workshop, seminar, conference, training program, or one to one support. CLT works in strong collaboration with Bahçeşehir University Distance Education Unit (BUZEB).


For Students

– Activities towards developing academic skills

– Activities towards developing soft skills

– University adaptation program

– Activities towards developing career development skills

– Peer learning model

– Counselling model


For Academic Staff

– Course/program revision and re-design support

– Student success analyses

– Orientation

– Activities towards syllabus design, effective teaching, gamification, assessment and evaluation, educational technologies

– Best practice sharing


For Administrative Staff and Management Team

– Activities towards professional development

– Activities towards personal development

– Activities towards leadership skills