Admission of Foreign Students Living Abroad and in Turkey


Foreign students living abroad or in Turkey can apply online to BAU. Applications of foreign students, who meet application requirements, for graduate programs of BAU are accepted and evaluated according to admission quotas.


Senior students or graduates of high schools who meet the following requirements can apply.

1) Foreign nationals

2) Those who have birthright citizenship of Turkey and obtained permission of the Ministry of Domestic Affairs for relinquishing citizenship and their underage children registered in their declaration of renunciation of citizenship  who document that they have Certificate for Use of Granted Rights under Law on Turkish Nationality Law, (According to Article 7 (1) of Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5901, “a child who was born to a Turkish father or mother within marriage in Turkey or abroad is a Turkish citizen.” The applicants who apply for admission quotas from abroad are recommended to review Turkish Citizenship Law).

3) Those who are foreign origin but obtain Turkish citizenship later / those who have such double citizenships,

*4) Among Turkish students studying in secondary education before 01/02/2013, those who complete the last three years of secondary education (high school) in a foreign country except for TRNC (including those who complete the entire secondary education (high school) in Turkish schools opened under the Ministry of National Education in a foreign country except for TRNC can apply to admission quotas from abroad”

b) Among Turkish students having started secondary education after 01/02/2013, those who complete the entire secondary education (high school) in a foreign country except for TRNC (including those who complete the entire secondary education (high school) in Turkish schools opened under the Ministry of National Education in a foreign country except for TRNC can apply to admission quotas from abroad,

5)  Those who have TRNC citizenship and reside in TRNC and complete secondary education (high school) and have GCE AL examination results along with those who studied in college or high schools in other countries between the years 2005-2010 and have or will have GCE AL examination results.


All foreign BAU candidates should follow up the steps below to complete their application:

1. Click here for Online Application Form 

2. Copy of high school diploma and transcript containing required records/scores (English or Turkish)

3. Copy of passport

4. TOEFL (IBT minimum score 74) / IELTS (minimum score 6.0) certificate, if any

Required documents should be sent to together with ID number of your online application.

Attention: Your application will not be taken into consideration until you send all required documents.



After completing application procedures and receiving the admission letter, all foreign BAU candidate students are required to submit the following documents to BAU International Office for completion of enrollment procedures:

1. Original copy of high school diploma or certificate of equivalence (English or Turkish)

2. Transcript (English or Turkish)

3. a) High school diploma certificate of equivalence approved by Higher Education Council. A certificate confirming your high school diploma is equivalent to high school diploma in Turkey. This letter may be issued by Turkish Consulate in your country or Directorates of National Education in Istanbul. For your application to receive this certificate, you need to give original copy and translation of your high school diploma and your transcript showing all courses you took in high school, grades in these courses and credits of courses.

Address of Istanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education:

Ankara Cad. No:2 Cağaloğlu Fatih / İSTANBUL

b) Only high school diplomas or certificates of graduation of foreign students who have received high school education in Turkey and reside in Turkey (meeting application requirements) will be sufficient.

4. Copy of admission letter

5. Student visa* Not required any more (It is recommended for citizens of foreign countries who generally use visa to enter Turkey)

* Pursuant to the decree dated 17.06.2014 and numbered 978811785-102-02-4771 of the Ministry of Domestic Affairs General Directorate of Immigration, visa is not required for foreign students willing to study in Turkey. Student visa is also not required for university enrollment and application for residence permit. 

6. Passport

7. Passport photos

8. Payment receipt

9. TOEFL (Minimum score: IB 74) / IELTS (Minimum score: 6.0) / Bahçeşehir BAU Proficiency Exam (Minimum Score: 60)* 

* BAU proficiency exam will be held in Beşiktaş Campus in the end of August.

Students with no knowledge of English or insufficient level of English will be enrolled in Preparatory School (Şişli Campus).

Students who have required TOEFL or IELTS scores or pass BAU Proficiency Exam after enrollment will be enrolled as freshman.

After enrollment, students will be given a Student Identity Card including personal information and student number.

In addition, freshmen are required to have an interactive enrollment in online enrollment period. In this period, you are required to select courses online and have them approved by your academic advisor.


Deadline for Application in 2014-2015 Academic Year in Bahçeşehir University 20 August

Result of review will be sent to you in three weeks following receipt of your application.


Deposit Payment

If your application is accepted, an advance deposit of tuition fee in the amount 1000 US Dollars (5000 US Dollars for medical programs) will be collected from the candidate students for giving the official letter of admission. This deposit will be considered as a guarantee for the candidate student’s will to enroll in BAU and will not be paid back. It will be deducted from the tuition fee during enrollment.  

Upon receipt of deposit payment, official letter of admission will be sent to you.

Tuition fee

Click here for detailed information about tuition fee.


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