Vision and Mission

Although specific applications and manifestations may often vary, we believe that the fundamental principles of justice, human rights and rule of law are not confined within nor separated by national borders but are universal in nature, and that by sharing knowledge and working together, we can solve problems together.  Our vision is a peaceful, just and equitable world in which through use of modern technologies, sustained engagement, and collaborative  commitment to shared principles, there is an ever-increasing global understanding of and commitment to the fundamental principles of equal, accessible justice, human rights and rule of law, increasingly enriched by the international exchange of ideas and greater understanding between people and cultures.

To contribute to a greater shared understanding of the evolving legal systems of the world and how they may function cooperatively to promote justice, equality and peace in the rapidly changing world.
2. To work with students of the law, not only in Turkey but in faculties of law around the world, and with young lawyers, judicial officers and others to support and strengthen their knowledge of the law and legal systems around the world.
3. To connect legal educators around the world with each other and with other scholars and educators, as well as with young lawyers,judicial officers and law students, in order to foster learning from each other and to encourage the exchange of experiences in the e-learning environment to assure student acquisition of the necessary knowledge, skills and values in the evolving new environment.
4. To strengthen transnational lawyering knowledge, skills and values in the ever-evolving global environment
5. To contribute to the development of knowledge, as well as of effective techniques, practices and principles, in distance legal education.
6. To become an internationally recognized pro-bono distance legal education learning center through innovative, collaborative and cooperative research, training, discussion and analysis.
7. To contribute to the strengthening of online learning skills, techniques and approaches in legal education, not only in Turkey, but transnationally.
8. To share experiences and practices regarding distance legal education for the building of young lawyers knowledge, skills and aptitudes in their practice of law in the changing social and legal environments.

We accomplish our goals and work toward achieving our mission through research, seminars, courses, conferences, publications, cooperative initiatives and special events and by setting priority areas for our work in order to maintain focus and apply sufficient resources in a timely manner to accomplish in a measurable way our desired goals.  At this time our priority areas are the following:
1) Artificial Intelligence and Law
2) Penal reform and research on criminal justice system and delay reduction in delivery of justice, including consideration of e-justice and online hearings
3) Distance clinical legal education and related practical initiatives (Mediation)
4) Specialized knowledge useful to lawyers who want to work across national boundaries
5) Relevant communications education and training across national boundaries including Legal English classes