The Introduction of the Program

General Information about the Ph.D. Program of Neuroscience


Neuroscience is a multidisciplinary discipline that studies the nervous system in living organisms structurally and functionally. The relations in the development of nervous system to its structure, molecular organizations to cellular functions, cell to neural networks, neural networks to whole brain,whole brain to behaviors and reverse paths to molecules are among the research fields of neuroscience.

The understanding of the nervous system, which can be called the most complex structure of the human body, was made possible by the collaboration of many different branches of science. Brain imaging technologies, especially developed in the 1990s, have enabled neuroscience to be separated from other medical sciences as an area in itself and great steps to be taken in understanding the functioning and diseases of the human brain and nervous system.With the understanding of molecular structures and genetic characteristics of nerve cells, a more successful situation has been reached about the issues of the development, diagnosis and treatment of nervous system diseases.

Our country has to participate in the scientific acceleration in the world in order to carry out preliminary studies in this field by closely following the researches on brain research in the world. For this purpose, it has been aimed to bring in researchers, academics and professionals who are specialized in various fields of neuroscience. Within the scope of the doctoral program of Neuroscience, it is the main objective of the program to carry out studies parallel to the current developments in the world and to take theoretical and practical trainings on this subject both in joint studies and neurosciences of different fields such as molecular biology, genetics, biophysics, anatomy, radiology, pathology and neurooncology.


Objectives of Neuroscience Ph.D Program


The aim of the program is to educate researchers who have the ability of independent research in the field of neuroscience by providing technical knowledge and equipment to students in parallel with the developments in the field of neuroscience and who can examine the scientific findings and events from a broad and in-depth perspective and who have the ability to determine the necessary steps to take new steps. In addition, it is aimed to gain a multidisciplinary approach and perspective to the students by gaining approaches and information in different disciplines.

Occupational Profiles of Graduates


The graduates of the Ph.D. program are aimed to specialize in experimental methods used in molecular biology, anatomy, functioning, diseases and neuroscience of the nervous system. Knowledge, accumulation and experience obtained as a result of doctoral studies are aimed to help our graduates provide analytical solutions to the problems and have the necessary technical knowledge in neuroscience and other related areas in academic and business life.